Scorpina Arrives In Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

The folks at nWay revealed the last character coming to Season 3 for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, as Scorpina makes an appearance. The character wasn't really in question as the teasers for the reveal have shown them in shadow this entire time, and it's pretty hard not to see the head with that scorpion tail and not know who it could be. Based on the way that she's been designed, it's clear they weren't aiming to make an exact replica of any of the actresses who played her before. It feels like a much more animated version of the character, especially with the eyes. Her armor also appears to be modified a bit and doesn't exactly match up with what we've seen from her in the series, meaning this could be a version of her from another universe, much like Lord Drakkon.

A look at Scorpina from Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, courtesy of nWay.
A look at Scorpina from Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, courtesy of nWay.

The quick bio for her that came with the teaser video below says "The ruthless minion of Rita Repulsa and fighting partner of Goldar, Scorpina has repeatedly proven to be one of the Ranger's most dangerous opponents, thanks in part to her deadly Scorpion form." As far as what she can do, well, that's another story. We don't really know. This is basically just a character reveal as we get to see what she will look like in the game. We're guessing you're going to get a combination of quick fighting tactics married to special abilities based on her scorpion powers. What exactly those powers will entail will be interesting to see as it seems the show never really settled on everything she could or couldn't do. For now, kick back and enjoy the whole ten seconds you get to see her as we wait for a proper release date for the character.

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