Scorpina Gets A New Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Trailer

The crew at nWay have released a new trailer for Scorpina as she makes her way into Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. The character has been teased for a while now as part of the Season 3 DLC characters list, which people pretty much figured out it would be her from the silhouette of her character the minute it was changed from a generic person image. Now she has a brand new trailer showing off her skills as the comes into the game being what I would best say is a mid-ranged fighter. She can hit you with stuff from a far and get in close when necessary, but she doesn't have the speed of some other characters in the game, meaning you have to plot and plan a little on her moves before diving in. Enjoy the trailer below as you can buy her for the game at $6 for the character, or get the season pass for $15.

Scorpina, in all her glory, in Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. Courtesy of nWay.
Scorpina, in all her glory, in Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. Courtesy of nWay.

The ruthless minion of Rita Repulsa and fighting partner of Goldar, Scorpina has repeatedly proven to be one of the Ranger's most dangerous opponents, thanks in part to her deadly Scorpion form. Now free from her imprisonment, thanks to Rita, Scorpina has a score to settle with the Power Rangers! Scorpina is a fearsome opponent no matter the situation, proving deadly on the ground or in the air. Befitting her arachnid nature, she's able to utilize her speed and dexterity to turn the entire arena to her advantage, peppering the ground with poisonous mines or stabbing opponents with scorpion-like strikes from the air. Even when at range, Scorpina can close the gap with her deadly boomerang or teleportation powers. And, when up close, her lighting fast strikes and gliding aerial movements can keep any opponent locked down.

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