Sea Of Thieves Has Launched Season Four Today

Xbox Game Studios and Rare revealed today that they have launched Season Four into Sea Of Thieves with a ton of new content. The update is totally free to all players with Xbox Game Pass and across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. Which includes all 100 levels of content with the brand-new Plunder Pass. This season has you diving head-first into the Sunken Kingdom, which was introduced but unexplorable in Season Three, which contains six Siren Shrines. You can also plunder the Siren Treasuries under the water, as you battle Ocean Crawlers and Sirens to claim the new Coral treasures. We have more info for you below along with the latest trailer.

Sea Of Thieves Has Launched Season Four Today
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

Enter the Sunken Kingdom

First experienced as part of the Tall Tales added in Season Three, the Sunken Kingdom now expands with numerous new areas accessible at any time in Season Four. Locations marked on the ship's map and visible shimmering spots on the ocean's surface indicate where pirates can dive down to investigate this mysterious undersea realm.

Within the Sunken Kingdom are six Siren Shrines, each one filled with puzzles to solve and mysteries to uncover, and a cache of deep sea treasure available for anyone who manages to breach its heart. Undersea adventurers will need to be alert at all times, as the Sirens do not go easy on intruders!

Pirates can also dive down to plunder the Siren Treasuries, battling waves of Ocean Crawlers and Sirens to claim the new Coral treasures kept within. To learn more about all that awaits explorers of the Sunken Kingdom, visit our dedicated Season Four page.

New Ways to Gain Renown in Sea Of Thieves

To help players climb Season Four's 100 levels of progression and unlock the associated rewards, our Trials and Deeds have evolved! A wider range of regularly rotating Deeds now expands the ways in which players can boost their Renown. Daily Deeds offer bite-sized challenges, while weekly, monthly and Seasonal Trials provide longer-term goals with more sizeable Renown rewards.

Along with these updates, Season Four brings in the latest range of time-limited Events – starting with a celebration of the Sea of Thieves' annual Festival of the Damned! This year's themed Event is entitled Fury of the Damned, and will span an entire month as the Pirate Lord proposes challenges to quiet the restless dead that haunt the seas. For their assistance in these island exorcisms, pirates will be suitably rewarded with creepy-crawly cosmetics.

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