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Sea Of Thieves Has Launched Season Four Today
Xbox Game Studios and Rare revealed today that they have launched Season Four into Sea Of Thieves with a ton of new content The update is totally free to all players with Xbox Game Pass and across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam Which includes all 100 levels of content with the[...]
Sea Of Thieves Is Getting A Triple Vinyl Soundtrack
For those of you who love the music of Sea Of Thieves, you'll soon be able to own it all as the game will be getting a triple vinyl soundtrack Xbox Game Studios and Rare will be working with iam8bit to release this special edition of the game's complete soundtrack, complete with a 24-page bound-in[...]
Auto Draft
Get ready to hoist the anchor and set sail into the ocean for Season Two has been officially launched into Sea Of Thieves today Season Two comes with 100 new levels for you to increase your rank to, along with the chance to be an Emissary for the trading company, brand new difficult forts to[...]
Sea Of Thieves Celebrates Player Milestone & Third Anniversary
Microsoft and Rare revealed a couple of awesome things for Sea Of Thieves this week as the game has hit a specific milestone The game has officially surpassed 20 Million players since it launched back in March 2018, hitting a new player record for the title What's more, it came right in time for the[...]
Sea Of Thieves Officially Launches Season One
Rare and Microsoft revealed that they have officially launched Season One in Sea Of Thieves for the latest content A bit of a first considering the game has been out for a couple years now, but yes, they are now doing seasonal content with all the missions, treasures, and costumes you would expect for it[...]
Sea Of Thieves Crew Art
Multiple Sea Of Thieves streamers have publicly announced they are quitting the game claiming developer Rare has failed to address community issues The story is coming from Kotaku, who is reporting that popular streams such as SayHeyRocco, Carrillo, Jason Sulli, and GullibleGambit revealed this week that they are officially leaving the game behind and moving[...]
Sea Of Thieves Launches The Free Vaults Of The Ancients Update
Rare just released the free September update for Sea Of Thieves as players can now start their search for the Vaults Of The Ancients You'll now have the chance to embark on journeys and find the perilous Puzzle Vaults from a bygone age, which according to the devs have "more recently been repurposed by the[...]
Auto Draft
Sea Of Thieves just got a free update from the developers at Rare, as pirates can now get in on the Lost Treasures found in the sea The details of the update came out on Xbox Wire today, which will give players a few new things to do This includes daily bounties for people to[...]
Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam On June 3rd
Microsoft and  Rare announced today that Sea Of Thieves would finally be coming to Steam in just a few weeks The game will officially drop into the store on June 3rd, offering up the massive pirate treasure hunting game for you and your friends to explore By all accounts, the Steam version will have all[...]
Sea Of Thieves Ships Of Fortune
Microsoft and Rare revealed the free update to Sea Of Thieves for April 2020 as you will be dealing with new rivals in Ships Of Fortune Much like other updates, you're going to be getting more challenges with a chance at greater fortune But, of course, there's no reward without an extra bit of risk[...]
Sea of Thieves' latest DLC is heading out this month.
Sea of Thieves is welcoming another free monthly update, as announced via the latest episode of Inside Xbox The Ships of Fortune DLC, as indicated by the presentation, will offer plenty of intriguing new additions to the game in terms of both new cosmetics like flags from trading companies, a series of new tasks, and[...]
Sea Of Thieves Crew Art
Microsoft and Rare announced today that they would be bringing their popular pirate game Sea Of Thieves to Steam sometime in 2020 The game has been doing well on Xbox One, especially with all the added content the devs have been adding Now they're looking to bring it to Steam this year, for what is[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Receives A New "Heart Of Fire" Update
Rare released details today about the latest update that's been added to Sea Of Thieves, as players will now be exploring the new treasures in Heart Of Fire The new free update brings with it a fresh story as you'll get to play a new Tall Tale Thus continuing the sagas of Pendragon and Captain[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Will Be Getting Chain Shot Cannonballs
Need a cannonball with a little extra damage and malice to it? Sea Of Thieves will be getting some special ones next week that will do the damage The chain shot cannonball is basically what it sounds like You got two halves of a cannonball linked together by a chain Aside from being able to[...]
"Sea Of Thieves" Free Crews of Rage Update
Rare has released the next free monthly update for Sea Of Thieves, as February brings about the Crews Of Rage to the high seas Like many updates, this one comes with new quests, treasures, tasks, missions, and cosmetics This time around you'll encounter Ashen Skeletons who are guarding highly volatile but rewarding treasure You can[...]