Sea Of Thieves Launches The Free April Update Ships Of Fortune

Microsoft and Rare revealed the free update to Sea Of Thieves for April 2020 as you will be dealing with new rivals in Ships Of Fortune. Much like other updates, you're going to be getting more challenges with a chance at greater fortune. But, of course, there's no reward without an extra bit of risk. In this particular update, you'll learn about becoming an Emissary for one of the Outpost Trading Companies. But, you're not alone out here, as a new company called The Reaper's Bones has finally made their presence known. Another fun feature added is that you now have the ability to get cats as pets. Much like you're on gear, they range from sovereign to legendary creatures. With three different breeds for you to choose from depending on what you like. We have a little bit of info below along with the trailer for it all, but you can read more details on the full update here.

The Reaper's Bones come to play in Sea Of Thieves, courtesy of Rare.
The Reaper's Bones come to play in Sea Of Thieves, courtesy of Rare.

A new and mysterious Company known as The Reaper's Bones, teased throughout our previous monthly updates, has emerged! Keeping your fancy Emissary status with the Reaper's Bones around won't be so easy, as their own Emissaries have but one duty – to lay their rivals low and take their Emissary Flags as trophies! Of course, taking their loot is a close-running second priority. The new Company can be found at The Reaper's Hideout, where they seem to encourage their ideals of 'true piracy' without the need for honour among thieves. For the Reapers, following your passion and having the will to come out on top is what being 'a pirate for all eternity' really means. If you choose to become an Emissary for a Company other than theirs, expect no quarter from these merciless miscreants.

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