Sea Of Thieves Officially Launches Season 8 Today

Xbox Game Studios and Rare Inc. have launched the latest Sea Of Thieves season today as players can get in on Season 8's content immediately. This season brings with it the ability to engage in ship-to-ship PvP combat, as well as the new factions addition that is tied to the new Hourglass of Fortune. You can now pick one of two sides through an opt-in process to engage with others in Pirate vs Pirate battles for Allegiance, Treasure and rewards. The team has also added another 100 levels of free rewards to earn, a brand new Plunder Pass to purchase, two new PvP-focused Milestones for Captains, and more. We have snippets below from the latest Xbox Wire about the additions as well as the latest trailer.

Sea Of Thieves Officially Launches Season 8 Today
Credit: Xbox Game Studios

"Caught between the opposing ideologies of the Pirate Lord and Captain Flameheart, the Sea of Thieves has descended into open warfare. Using the new Hourglass of Fate on their ships, all pirate crews who wish to join the fray can vote on a Faction to side with: the Guardians of Fortune, backed by the likes of the Pirate Lord and Belle, or the Servants of the Flame, fuelled by the hunger of the Reapers and their loyalty to Flameheart. Once you've chosen your Faction, the goal is simple: sink as many enemy ships from the opposing Faction as you can. Unfurl the War Map, dive beneath the waves and enter head-to-head showdowns with crews of similar ability to your own. Fight and win, and you'll earn Allegiance and unlock Faction rewards!

Building up a streak of defeated enemy Faction ships will also result in boosted Allegiance, and sinking four or more in a row will mark you as a Faction Champion! Be warned, though, becoming a Champion will make you visible to any other players in the area, and taking you down will grant them a greater boost than usual. An enticing target for any pirate looking to make a name for themselves."

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