Sea Of Thieves Reveals 2022 Plans With Special Preview Video

Rare and Xbox Game Studios launched a special 20-minute video today going over the plans for Sea Of Thieves over the next year. We have the full video for you to check out down at the bottom, but some of the major highlights include creating more adventures for you and your crew to go on as they will try to have something new for you to do every two to three weeks. A brand new challenge for you as they will be adding sea forts out in the middle of the ocean. And a parting of the ways as they will be getting rid of Arena Mode. We have more about the forts below from Xbox Wire.

Sea Of Thieves Reveals 2022 Plans With Special Preview Video
Credit: Rare

Seasons will continue to bring in new features and content, along with new Seasonal rewards, Pirate Emporium stock and optional Plunder Passes to boost the rewards you receive on the climb to level 100. Kicking off in March, Season Six will be headlined by a new combat and exploration experience: Sea Forts.

Six Sea Forts will appear around the world, drawn through from the Sea of the Damned and protected by patrolling Phantoms. You'll battle through these ghostly foes and collect keys to fully explore the Sea Fort, eventually taking down its toughest defenders and claiming the loot within the treasury. The Sea Forts are also intertwined with the action that unfolds during our first set of Adventures, so stay tuned to discover more about these new locations manifesting on the Sea of Thieves.

In the latter half of Season Six, we want to introduce something that's long been requested by the community: new content for Pirate Legends! This is planned to take the form of a new, Legend-exclusive Voyage packed with story beats and a series of challenges that change each time you set sail. We don't want to reveal too much of what you'll be doing just yet, but expect to explore new locations and seek treasure with special maps…

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