Severed Steel Receives New Update For The Campaign

Digerati and developer Greylock Studio dropped the brand new 3.0 update into Severed Steel this week, bringing a plethora of changes. The team went all out for this one as they have added 12 new levels, all of which are playable in Campaign and Firefight modes, which brings the grand total to 42. They also added in four new weapons as you can now fight with the sawed-off shotgun, the lever-action rifle, a silenced pistol, and a silenced SMG. There's a new arm cannon in the Meta Grenade, 16 new songs composed by Floating Door to fight to, a ton of new level editor features, and other content and balancing. You can read some of it below and see the full patch notes here, along with the video at the bottom highlighting parts of it.

A look at one of the new levels in 3.0, courtesy of Digerati.
A look at one of the new levels in 3.0, courtesy of Digerati.

Severed Steel: 12 New Levels

The highlight of this update. Many level editor features were made to support the experiences the levels wanted to create. The larger scale of the newer levels necessitated optimization of AI behavior, the benefits of which also carry over to the base levels.

New cannon mode, meta grenade

Given the level reorder and properties of the initial campaign, players ended up entering the final level 'The Wall', with a brand new arm cannon type, immediately after unlocking it. The beam flamethrower arm cannon mode was initially also used in the 'Estate' level. The sudden confusing and underwhelming nature of the overcharged cannon necessitated the introduction of an improved late-game upgrade. The Meta Grenade has similar uses to the Plasma Grenade, but has more charges, no drop-off, faster travel speed, and more enemy damage. Rather than giving the player something different and unfamiliar in the final levels, we wanted to improve the player's current ability to express themselves by increasing the usability of the standard arm cannon.

Adds Specialist NPC

A recolor of the standard enemy type, but with new guns, doubled movement speed and health, and crouches less often. The majority of enemy types in the game can be killed quickly, even without headshots. Making a tougher, faster, more aggressive enemy type fills a niche that the old enemy roster didn't have. Their dropped weapons include a mix of new and underused guns, which mirror, but are an improvement upon, the standard enemy loadout.

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