Shadow Arena Reworks The Venslar Hero As Part Of Updates

Pearl Abyss revealed today that they have released a new set of updates into Shadow Arena, which includes a rework of Venslar. As you may recall, the game received a change of plans from the company after the battle royale version just wasn't working. Now the game is set to be a three-vs-three battle in which you can choose whatever characters you'd like to go against another team. As you might suspect, that requires a ton of changes to the game in order to make that simple change work, so a lot of the characters in the game have been getting additions and adjustments. Chief among them is the Venslar, who has been altered to work within the parameters of the game without being overpowered. You can read more about it below, and you can check out the full details of the latest patch to the game here.

The character gets a rework, and appears ready to play DOTA 2 on Twitch. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
The character gets a rework, and appears ready to play DOTA 2 on Twitch. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
In the new Shadow Arena, Venslar is classified as a Support hero, but with numerous options for damage. She maintains her distinct ability to switch between her Courage Stance (offensively oriented and specializing in short-range combat) and Patience Stance (where her skills shine in a defensive support role). While her Courage Stance's short-range attacks have stayed the same, Venslar's Patience Stance has been revamped with new Support skills, including:
  • Sacred Barrier creates a holy wall around Venslar, giving a defensive buff to all the teammates close to her.
  • Breath of Ellion releases a chargeable healing and speed-boosting energy wave, granted to Venslar's teammates. The longer it is charged, the greater the buff's effect.
  • Judgment of Light brings down heavenly retribution to target enemies from a long distance, knocking them to the ground and stunning them momentarily. It also heals Venslar's teammates.

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