Skybound Reveals The Walking Dead: Last Mile For Facebook Gaming

Skybound Entertainment and Genvid Entertainment announced a new interactive experience today with The Walking Dead: Last Mile. The game will be presented as a new massively interactive live event (MILE) that will stretch out over a period of time and give players a much more enriching experience over several weeks. The MILE format also allows players to choose what level they wish to experience everything in, as they can be casual and laid back about the game, or they can get more involved and intense with a greater emphasis on interactive gameplay. The game will launch sometime in the Summer of 2022 and will be a Facebook Gaming and Facebook Watch exclusive.

Skybound & Facebook Gaming Reveal The Walking Dead: The Last Mile
Credit: Skybound Entertainment

As to what the storyline will be, that really wasn't mentioned at this time. All we know at the moment is that this will be an experience that will provide participants around the world with an immersive game set in the universe of The Walking Dead. Which will put them in "new and unparalleled ways " as you will have the fate of all the game's protagonists, as well as the direction the story goes in, all in your hands. Everything will happen in real-time as the drama unfolds in front of you week-by-week. We have a quote from Robert Kirkman on the new experience as we now wait for more details to be released.

"We're thrilled to unveil this new MILE experience that will take place in The Walking Dead universe, where fans can play games and influence this new world and its inhabitants as a community," said Robert Kirkman, Chairman of Skybound Entertainment and creator of The Walking Dead. "With The Walking Dead: Last Mile, audience members can stream a living, breathing world of The Walking Dead, working collectively and individually to impact the story at every turn. We're excited to collaborate with our partners Genvid and Facebook to bring this pioneering vision to life."

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