Smash Bros. Players Are Criticizing Joker For Borrowing All His Moves

If you thought Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players would be happy to see a new character in Persona 5's Joker, you would be highly mistaken! Ever since the character was dropped into the game as a DLC character, people have been examining him as a fighter and what he can do when it comes to combat and effectiveness, both for fun and for the serious competitor. Quickly, people started discovering a pattern that his moves appeared to be similar to those of other characters, which has been drawing criticism on Reddit and other Smash forums. That leads us to this tweet posted yesterday afternoon showing just how much of his arsenal was taken from other characters.

Now a lot of people might look at that and ask what the big deal is, he's just a DLC character so they probably borrowed some to fast-track him into the game after they got approval from SEGA and Atlus to put in Persona 5 assets. But if you're thinking about it in terms of money, you just paid $6 for a character you already kind of own, and if you're thinking in terms of fighting games, you now have a character who has moves people are accustomed to from others and they could figure out the easy counter to since their not chained to others they're normally programmed with. In short, people are calling it lazy, a waste of money, and a hindrance on using him for esports.

How do you feel about it? Does it matter that the developers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate used some other moves to get the character working, or are people right to call it out for what they did to make Joker work in the game?

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