SNK Will Expand Their "Samurai Shodown" Esports Program

Some cool news out of SNK this week as they apparently have plans to expand their esports program centered around Samurai Shodown. The news comes from Dual Shockers, who revealed in an interview with Lead Producer Yaduyuki Oda, the company apparently has an idea of where they want to be with their esports plans down the road. However, there is a bit of a roadblock in the way at the moment. As you might have guessed based on all the news happening lately, it has to deal with the coronavirus. Here's a snippet from the article.

SNK Will Expand Their "Samurai Shodown" Esports Program
Credit: SNK

"Yes, we do have a plan concerning that," Oda said in regards to expanding Samurai Shodown's esports presence. "After the coronavirus is contained, we hope that we can work something out."

How exactly SNK will expand Samurai Shodown esports is still unknown. Will it be something akin to Tekken World Tour or the Capcom Cup? Will it just be continued support with new DLC, and balance changes to keep the meta fresh? Maybe a mixture of both? We can only speculate until the coronavirus is contained.

It would be nice to see the game expand much the same way Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter have. There's clearly an audience there for it, and considering the reception it has had at major tournaments, it could be a major league for several years. Hopefully, we see the fruits of their labor sooner than later.

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