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Gongsun Li From Honor Of Kings Is Coming To Samurai Shodown

Gongsun Li From Honor Of Kings Is Coming To Samurai Shodown

SNK revealed today that the next free DLC character coming to Samurai Shodown will be Gongsun Li from Honor Of Kings. fans of the series have been waiting to see what new characters will be entering the fray, but the vast majority of requests have been to see those from the past who have yet […]

Samurai Shodowns Next DLC Character Will Be A Crossover

Samurai Shodown's Next DLC Character Will Be A Crossover

Those of you who were hoping the next DLC character in Samurai Shodown would be a name from the past, turns out you were very right. Today SNK revealed that the Warden from Ubisoft's For Honor would be the next character added in a major crossover for the game. Ubisoft was so proud of the […]

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection To Debut On Epic Games Store

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection To Debut On Epic Games Store

Some cool news for Epic Games Store users as SNK will be bringing Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection to the platform. The collection itself will be arriving on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this Summer, but for the initial debut, the devs have something else in mind. SNK will be making the game available […]

Sogetsu Kazama Officially Joins Samurai Shodown

Sogetsu Kazama Officially Joins "Samurai Shodown"

Another DLC character has officially been added to Samurai Shodown this week as Sogetsu Kazama has been thrown into the fray. The character can now be downloaded in North America today and will be available on April 2nd in Europe for all three major consoles. Sogetsu originally appeared in Samurai Shodown IV as one of […]

SNK Will Expand Their Samurai Shodown Esports Program

SNK Will Expand Their "Samurai Shodown" Esports Program

Some cool news out of SNK this week as they apparently have plans to expand their esports program centered around Samurai Shodown. The news comes from Dual Shockers, who revealed in an interview with Lead Producer Yaduyuki Oda, the company apparently has an idea of where they want to be with their esports plans down […]

Mina Majikina Gets A New Samurai Shodown Trailer

Mina Majikina Gets A New "Samurai Shodown" Trailer

SNK has released a brand new trailer today for Mina Majikina, as the DLC character is making her way into Samurai Shodown. Making her first appearance in Samurai Shodown V, Mina has come back to the battlefield armed with her energy bow. She's more than just a ranged attacker as her up-close hits have got […]

Samurai Shodown Reveals Second Season DLC Characters

"Samurai Shodown" Reveals Second Season DLC Characters

SNK announced the DLC characters for the second season of Samurai Shodown, with more characters taking us deeper into the franchise's lore. Four more characters will be on the way, three we know about and one mystery guest yet to be revealed. The three we know of are Mina Majikina, Sogetsu Kazama, and Iroha. The […]

New SoulCalibur VI Trailer Highlights Haohmaru From Samurai Shodown

New "SoulCalibur VI" Trailer Highlights Haohmaru From "Samurai Shodown"

Bandai Namco has released a new character trailer for SoulCalibur VI in Japan, showing off Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown. The trailer shows him in action against Heishiro Mitsurugi, as the two samurai clash in one of the best showdowns gamers probably wanted for years. We see several of his moves from his game come to […]

Samurai Shodown Gets A Release Date For Nintendo Switch

"Samurai Shodown" Gets A Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Some cool news from SNK today as they revealed when we'll finally be getting Samurai Shodown for the Nintendo Switch this year. The game will officially drop on February 25th, 2020. What's more, you can pre-purchase the game starting today. If you do so, you'll get a couple gifts from the company. The first being […]

Samurai Shodown Will Come To Nintendo Switch In Early 2020

"Samurai Shodown" Will Come To Nintendo Switch In Early 2020

Some cool news for Nintendo Switch owners as SNK has announced they will be bringing Samurai Shodown to the console in Q1 2020. Players will be getting the current incarnation of the game, which includes Hisame Shizumaru added as a free character. But it's unknown whether the currently released DLC characters will be added or […]

Samurai Shodown Content Is Coming To Puzzle &#038 Dragons

"Samurai Shodown" Content Is Coming To "Puzzle & Dragons"

Gungho Online Entertainment announced this week that Puzzle & Dragons will be getting more content, this time around it will have a Samurai Shodown flavor. From now until November 24th, the collaboration will bring 13 new Egg Machine characters to the roster. Some of whom come from the fighting game roster. Of course, the game does […]

Samurai Shodown DLC Fighter Basara Releases Next Week

"Samurai Shodown" DLC Fighter Basara Releases Next Week

Samurai Shodown is adding another character to its roster by way of DLC. As of October 15, players can jump into the shoes of Basara. Voiced by Yuuji Murai, Basara is also known as Basara the Executioner. First seen in Samurai Shodown III, he's a yurei (essentially the Japanese folklore version of a ghost) born […]

Samurai Shodown Shows Off DLC Character Shizumaru Hisame

"Samurai Shodown" Shows Off DLC Character Shizumaru Hisame

SNK has released the latest DLC character trailer for Samurai Shodown, as we are all introduced to the quick and deadly blade of Shizumaru Hisame. A returning face to the series who was first introduced in Samurai Shodown III, Hisame looks like a young teenager but he fights like a skilled practitioner. The demon child […]

SNK Shows Off Samurai Shodown DLC Content At EVO 2019

SNK Shows Off "Samurai Shodown" DLC Content At EVO 2019

SNK dropped another major announcement at EVO 2019 as they revealed all of the DLC characters on the way for Samurai Shodown this year. During the event, a trailer ran showing off the game and properly showing off all the characters to come. We now know that Rimururu will be coming this month, Shizumaru Hisame […]

SNK Announces The King of Fighters XV At EVO 2019

SNK Announces "The King of Fighters XV" At EVO 2019

Among the surprise announcements made at EVO 2019 last night, one of the biggest to come out of the mix was The King of Fighters XV. SNK dropped the surprise announcement with very little fanfare or warning on the last day of the tournament. All we got was the 20-second clip you see below, and […]