Snowtopia Has Arrived In Steam's Early Access

Goblinz Studio along with Fractale and developer TeaForTwo Games have officially brought Snowtopia to Steam's Early Access. The game will put your skills to the test as a ski resort tycoon, running your own resort up in the hills and dealing with the day-to-day operations of hiring staff, planning ski routes, promoting the business, bringing people into the resort, dealing with snow conditions and possible avalanches, and a lot more. Oh, and as a bonus, you'll be doing it with no money. The game is available right now, but keep in mind it's not a complete game, so you may run into an issue or two. We have more info on it below.

How well can you run a ski resort? Give it a shot! Courtesy of Goblinz Studio.
How well can you run a ski resort? Give it a shot! Courtesy of Goblinz Studio.

Snowtopia makes resort building accessible and fun for all. There's no money in the game, creating a new twist on the genre where resources are managed differently and the focus is squarely on skier satisfaction. The game's snappy creation tool lets you drop pistes easily on the mountain side and add the right kind of ski lift for the terrain, while keeping an eye on the queues of impatient ski nuts of course.

Running a successful resort brings more skiers of all kinds to sample the slopes, terraces and tartiflette, so make sure you're ready for them. Fix broken lifts, groom the pistes and run enough ski patrols to keep your visitors safe. Happy skiers will show their appreciation by joining the volunteers running the resort, making sure everything on the mountain stays in perfect shape.

During Early Access an avalanche of new features will be added to the game, including, yes, avalanches, plus dynamic weather, snow cannons, ski schools, more buildings, and new staff models. Modding is also planned for the coming months, so players can customize their dream ski resort down to the last icy detail.

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