Snubbull & Pyukumuku Revealed For Japan's Pokémon TCG: Fusion Arts

The Japanese-language Pokémon TCG continues to reveal cards from its September 2021 set. Fusion Arts, a Mew-themed set, will introduce Fusion as the third Battle Style, adding to the pool of Rapid Strike and Single Strike Pokémon. The set will also be the first major expansion to feature V-UNION cards. V-UNION cards, which will debut as Black Star Promos in their own collection boxes ahead of the release of Fusion Arts, are four different cards that come together as one piece of artwork that will be playable as a single card. For fans of the English-language Pokémon TCG, these reveals are notable because these cards are expected to appear in November 2021's English-language Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike.

Fusion Arts cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Fusion Arts cards. Credit: Pokémon TCG

I can't lie to you all. As much as I love the artwork on the Snubbull and Granbull cards, and I really do, I can't help but imagine how it'd be if the Pokémon TCG didn't do the unthinkable and remove Fairy-types. I do believe that these will eventually come back, though it will probably be some time. I imagine that they will return with a dedicated set, sort of like how Dragon-types returned with some pomp and circumstance in Evolving Skies. That Granbull art sure is clean, though!

Now, looking at the Pyukumuku card, I'll let you know what I thought the moment I laid eyes on it: Komiya, for sure. Tomokazu Komiya has illustrated hundreds of Pokémon cards and remains one of the franchise's most distinct artists. With his instantly recognizable style of colorful, somewhat scratchy artwork, Komiya has been bringing a style that feels like fine art to the TCG for years.

It looks like we have quite a diverse set of artwork in this expansion so far. I can't wait until the Secret Rares start to leak!

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