Social Deduction Game West Hunt Announced

Wandering Wizard and Snail Games revealed their latest game on the way as social deduction gets hot and dusty in West Hunt. The game will be a 1-4 player title for PC in which you will serve as sheriffs in the old west trying to figure out who is the Outlaw in a normally peaceful town. Right now the plan is to release the game into Steam Early Access on June 14th, but a final date for the full version has yet to be released. You can check out more about it down below.

Social Deduction Game West Hunt Announced
Credit: Wandering Wizard

West Hunt is set in a small but bustling village in the Old West, filled with kind-hearted folks from all walks of life. But among them hides a wolf in sheep's clothing, stirring up trouble right under their noses: the Outlaw! Lucky for this one horse town there's a Sheriff 'round these parts, with a loaded six-shooter at their hip. After players receive their role, the deadly game of cat-and-mouse begins!

As the Outlaw, players are tasked with completing all their assigned missions before time runs out; bribing the Barman, poisoning the water supply, praying for forgiveness, and other staple Outlaw activities. Completing missions will increase the Outlaw's notoriety, giving the Sheriff key information to help track them down and put a permanent end to their bad-guy antics. As the Outlaw, players can do optional side missions to reduce their notoriety and blend in with the other villagers. Surely that dancing nun in the bar wouldn't hurt anybody?

Meanwhile, as the Sheriff, players must carefully observe the behavior of the villagers in town to deduce the identity of the Outlaw and kill them within the time limit. But don't get trigger happy, as shooting an innocent villager will result in the Outlaw winning the game. As the notoriety of the Outlaw increases, hints such as their last known location, their last completed mission, or uncompleted missions can be collected from mailboxes around the town. Being a Sheriff ain't easy, but it's honest work in West Hunt.

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