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Social Deduction Game West Hunt Announced
Wandering Wizard and Snail Games revealed their latest game on the way as social deduction gets hot and dusty in West Hunt The game will be a 1-4 player title for PC in which you will serve as sheriffs in the old west trying to figure out who is the Outlaw in a normally peaceful[...]
Snail Games Announces PixARK Coming in May for Multiple Platforms
To celebrate the launch of Skyward, the first free DLC release from PiXARK, Snail Games has given us a chance to give away free copies of their game for PC, and we're looking for winners. What do you need to do to win this? In order to get one of the codes, it just requires you[...]
Snail Games Announces PixARK Coming in May for Multiple Platforms
Good news for those of you looking to check out PixARK as Snail Games has announced the game will be released on May 31st for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One If you're not familiar with the game, it takes a pixel builder look at the world of ARK: Survival Evolved as you deal with[...]
It's not being developed by Studio Wildcard, the developers of the Ark, but instead Snail Games The game will see a lot of Ark's DNA passed down to it with crafting, taming, training and all those things you associate with the series, but it will see a fairly radical makeover and shift 100 creatures will[...]
Dark And Light Will Include A Bestiary Feature
Snail Games's upcoming mutiplayer survuval game Dark and Light will be getting a bestiary feature, and now we know a bit of what it will look like In the latest development update, the devs showed off how to utilize the Bestiary creature cards to track and learn details about in-game creatures So the Bestiary is[...]
Dark And Light's Closed Beta Is Taking Applications
Snail Games, announced a number of new features for their upcoming dark fantasy multiplayer survival game, Dark and Light To help prepare for the Early Access launch later this year, Snail Games is inviting a limited group of players to participate in a Dark and Light Closed Beta Test (CBT). Starting June 20th, players who receive an[...]