Someone Made A DOOMBlade From DOOM Eternal

In a world of people bored at home who like to make crazy weapons, you had to know someone was going to make a DOOM Eternal weapon. There's a great selection of mechanics, forgers, and metalworkers online who have spent years creating weapons from every fictional universe you can think of. Ranging from Wolverine's claws from X-Men to Sting from The Hobbit to Junkrat's riptire from Overwatch. All of them with their own special designs to make what would normally be an impossible dream to something real that you can mount on a wall. So, of course, during the coronavirus outbreak, someone was bound to sit down and make a couple of the new weapons from DOOM Eternal. Today we're getting a look at the DOOMBlade, which if you're not familiar with it, is one of the melee options the DOOM Soldier has at his disposal to dispatch enemies. You usually don't see it until they're in a weakened state, so it's not exactly something that comes out as much as your arsenal of amazing guns.

Idle hands also make the Devil's tools.
Idle hands also make the Devil's tools.

But now someone has taken the concept and turned it into a real-life weapon. The image above, along with a video, was loaded to Reddit this week from a user known as Miscreations. As you can see, he has taken the fictional blade and made it a reality. In what is essentially the ultimate switchblade, he has welded together a few different metal pieces into an arm piece, with a spring-activated switch. The blade isn't retractable, as you can see in the video he's made a small grip to bring it back like a bolt reload on a shotgun. He also spends part of the video beating up a couple of watermelons. You'll see it isn't the sharpest blade ever made, but it gets the job done. There's also a metal bar on the front that serves as a flat pair of brass knuckles, so you can punch with it without sending out the blade. It's mighty impressive to see, but one has to wonder when you'd actually use this is any form of practicality beyond DOOM Eternal. Then again, we are in what feels like an apocalypse, so maybe this wasn't such a bad idea.

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