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McFarlaneToysStore Debuts Exclusive Classic Doomguy Figure
Doomguy is back as McFarlane Toys announces their very own exclusive DOOM Eternal figure That is right; we are jumping back to 1993 as the classic Doomguy skin returns Releasing exclusively through the McFarlaneToysStore, Doomguy is back with McFarlane Toys newest DOOM Eternal 7" figure DOOM revolutionizing the first-person shooter genre and this skin is[...]
McFarlane Reveals DOOM Slayer Astro Armor BBTS Exclusive Figure
McFarlane Toys seems to have a couple of new DOOM Eternal figures heading our way, including a couple of exclusives More skins from the DOOM Slayer are here, allowing gamers and collectors to enhance their collections I can never complain about other skins coming to life in figure form as it would be sweet to[...]
Feel the Heat with McFarlane Toys Newest DOOM Eternal Figure
It is time to enter Hell once again as McFarlane Toys reveals new DOOM Eternal figures are on the way McFarlane loves to bring other video game skins to life, as we have seen in their Mortal Kombat line Releasing more suits from the game just makes sense, and it gives collectors and DOOM fans[...]
DOOM Eternal Limited Edition Cacodemon Statue Revealed by Bethesda 
Bethesda is now taking collectors back into the depths of hell as they reveal their newest DOOM Eternal collectible Escaping the Cursed Citadel, the iconic DOOM monster, the Cacodemon comes to life with a 1,200 piece limited edition statue The Cacodemon is displayed on snowy ruins as the monster is displayed levitating with a clear[...]
DOOM Eternal Launches The Brand New Horde Mode
Bethesda Softworks released a new update into DOOM Eternal today as players are finally getting the coveted Horde Mode added to the mix This one is being called "Update 6.66", and with it comes a ton of free content that will enhance the experience for players in a few different areas The big addition is[...]
DOOM Eternal Baron of Hell & Archvile Figures Coming from Numskull
Numskull returns to hell once again as they announce their third wave of DOOM Eternal collectibles These figures are based on the in-game trophies that can be acquired and Numskull has given them new life in the real world We have already seen a great variety of DOOM Eternal hell beasts and Numskull has just[...]
Things Get Bloody With Good Smile’s New DOOM Eternal Figma
Good Smile Company teased that Doom Slayer from the hit mature video game series DOOM Eternal would be getting his own figure release That day has arrived as they fully reveal their upcoming 6" figma action figure that shows him with a remarkable sculpt and details Doom Slayer features flexible plastic to keep detail high[...]
DOOM Eternal Review-1
Bethesda Softworks has officially released a new free update for DOOM Eternal as next-gen console owners will get the full effect Technically, the game just got two updates, the first one being a next-gen update that includes improved visuals, increased performance, support for ray tracing, 4K resolution at 60 FPS, and a new 120 FPS[...]
DOOM Eternal In-Game Collectibles Come to Life With Numskull
Fans of DOOM Eternal might remember the adorable in-game collectibles that gave gamers miniature figures of the Slayer and monsters throughout the franchise Well, Numskull is proud to save players from traveling to Hell themselves as they announce their new line of Doom Eternal Collectible figures Standing 6.3 inches tall, 12 officially licensed figurines are[...]
DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two Gets A New Trailer
After teasing it for a few weeks, Bethesda Softworks has finally released a proper trailer for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two If you're not already familiar with it, this serves as the conclusion to the DOOM Slayer's Saga and the second campaign expansion for the game There's a bunch of new content[...]
Doom Slayer In-Game Collectible Comes to Life With Gaming Heads
Straight out of DOOM Eternal is the DOOM: Slayer collectible Weighing in at a hefty 11oz (i.e 310 grams), standing an impressive 7″ tall and with 5 points of articulation, you'll want the Slayer collectible by your side as you save humanity from the demonic forces of Hell." The DOOM: Slayer collectible measurements: Height: 18cm (7″) Weight: 310g[...]
DOOM Eternal Review-6
Bethesda Softworks confirmed this morning that DOOM Eternal will officially come to the Nintendo Switch next week on December 8th, 2020 We already chatted earlier this month about how the game was going to be a digital-only release for the console, we just didn't have a date as to when it would finally come out[...]
DOOM Eternal Review-1
Those of you looking to play DOOM Eternal on the Nintendo Switch will only have one way of getting your hands on the game While PlayStation and Xbox players were able to snag the game on Day 1 along with PC players, Bethesda has been working to put the game on the Switch in the[...]
DOOM Eternal Doom Slayer Gets Deadly With Good Smile Company
Coming out of the hit video game, DOOM Eternal, Doom Slayer, has arrived in the pint-size form to wreak some havoc Good Smile Company has announced that the Slayer is joining their Nendoroid figure line He is highly detailed, fully articulated, and of course, comes with his own arsenal to take on hell The Doom[...]
DOOM Eternal Review-4
It looks like you'll be seeing DOOM Eternal on the Nintendo Switch in the near future as id Software says they're "very close" The company had a livestream talking about the game, which you can watch below, in which the game's Executive Producer Marty Stratton commented on seeing a version for the Switch Here's a[...]