Someone Made A Stardew Valley Digimon Creature Mod

The latest mod to come out for Stardew Valley will have you signing a cartoon theme as you can make the animals Digimon. Mods to the game are nothing new as people have figured out multiple ways to mess with the game's coding and do all sorts of things. Last night we watched some players basically make themselves gods so they could have unlimited cash, spawn any item immediately, and rank up in relationships automatically so blast through all of the courtship cutscenes and get down to marrying whoever they feel like. Incidentally, they spent a LOT of that unlimited cash buying gold cat statues from the casino, and we're telling you right now… they don't pay out as much as you'd think. There's even a Pokémon mod as we speak, so changing the animals is nothing new. But for those who love Digimon, this is your chance to farm them.

Someone Made A Stardew Valley Digimon Creature Mod
Credit: NexusMods

As far as this patch goes, all you need is over on NexusMods, which includes the basic program you need to install to have the mod work as well as the mod itself. Once both are installed on your PC to interact with Stardew Valley, it's basically a quick change to the new graphic assets, and away you go. A couple of websites put together a complete list of what all of your animals turn into, which we have for you below. Have fun creating your farm of champions.

  • Agumon: Brown Chicken
  • Ankylomon: Pig
  • Armadillomon: Piglet
  • Biyomon: Duck
  • Bullmon: White Cow
  • DemiVeemon: Blue Chick
  • Gomamon: Brown Calf
  • Guilmon: Dinosaur
  • Gummymon: Rabbit Kitten
  • Ikkakumon: Brown Cow
  • Keromon: Void Chicken
  • Koromon: Brown Chick
  • Oryxmon: Goat
  • Pabumon: White Chick and Duckling
  • Pillomon: Sheep after being sheared
  • Salamon: Goat Kid
  • Sheepmon: Sheep before being sheared
  • Tapirmon: White Calf
  • Tentomon: White Chicken
  • Terriormon: Rabbit
  • Tsumemon: Void Chick
  • Veemon: Blue Chicken
  • Xiaomon: Lamb

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