Splatoon 2's Secret Project Will Come to Light on June 9th

A while ago, specifically in Japan, for the most part, Nintendo released information about some weird secret project coming to Splatoon 2 that no one really knows what the hell it's for. Now it looks like we're going to find out, but not for another few weeks as the word came down that the big reveal of this thing is going to be on June 9th, just a few days out from E3.

There's no way to really guess what the big reveal is going to be at the moment as the symbol could stand for anything from an esports organization to something having to do with seasonal play to a new download coming to the game. The only real clue to what it means is that the symbol is in the katakana form of the words SU, but that could honestly stand for about anything at this point. What do you think it could be? Tell us in the comments below.

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