Standing Stone Games Launches New Lord Of The Rings Online Servers

Standing Stone Games has launched two more servers into Lord Of The Rings Online giving you more opportunities to play the game. The two new servers are named Shadowfax and Treebeard, which will give you better speeds and more abilities to roam through the legendary settings of Middle-Earth on the Shadowfax server or enjoy every moment on the Treebeard server. We have more info on the servers below, and you can read an FAQ on their addition here.

Lord Of The Rings Online gets two new servers, courtesy of Standing Stone Games.
Lord Of The Rings Online gets two new servers, courtesy of Standing Stone Games.

The Legendary World experience now has two new servers, Shadowfax and Treebeard, that will take you through the journey faster or slower, more or less difficult – your choice!

Speed through Middle-earth on the Shadowfax server:

  • Get +50% XP, Legendary Item XP, and Mount XP along with +20% Virtue XP!
  • Unlocks more quickly than normal, about every two months.

Enjoy every moment of Lord Of The Rings Online on the Treebeard server:

  • Get only 40% of the XP you would normally receive (-60% reduced XP).
  • Unlocks less frequently than normal, about every five to six months.

Shadowfax and Treebeard also debut a new Landscape Difficulty option! Currently, this option is only available on Shadowfax and Treebeard. Speak with Berthadan near the Prancing Pony in West Bree to get started!

You can set the landscape difficulty between Normal and Deadly +6, which increases the challenge of enemies you'll face on the landscape. The difficulty can be changed again at any time by speaking again with Berthadan. However, if you begin a higher level difficulty prior to reaching level 11 and stick with a high level difficulty you will get rewarded for reaching levels 50 and 130! Four titles are available per class; two for reaching Hard+ difficulty at level 50 and level 130, and two for reaching Deadly+ difficulty at level 50 and level 130. You MUST activate your desired difficulty prior to reaching level 11, and maintain that difficulty or higher until you earn your title. A Deed can be found in-game to track your progress.

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