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Starfinder: Second Edition Is Currently In The Works

During Gen Con 2023, Paizo revealed at their keynote that they are currently working on the Second Edition of Starfinder.

Paizo announced this morning that they are currently working on Starfinder: Second Edition, with playtests coming in 2024.  As part of the company keynote presentation for Gen Con 2023, they revealed their plans for the next phase of their sci-fi TTRPG, as the new edition will be published under the ORC License and will contain implements of the three-action economy. This is designed to make it more accessible for fans and creators, as well as make it fully compatible with Pathfinder: Second Edition and the Remaster Project. We got details below from today's reveal.

Starfinder: Second Edition Is Currently In The Works
Credit: Paizo

"The Starfinder Playtest Rulebook will be available in the Summer of 2024 as a softcover rulebook. As Starfinder: Second Edition will be using the Pathfinder: Second Edition ruleset, base system rules will not be a part of the playtest. Rather, the playtest will focus on the core elements of gameplay, including new classes, a scaling equipment system, new skills, and more."

  • This is the most open playtest Paizo has ever launched, with deeper looks into the development process.
  • Pathfinder: Second Edition and Starfinder: Second Edition rulesets will be completely cross-compatible, allowing for cross-system porting of classes, creatures, and more — provided your GM allows it.
  • The first four classes announced for the Starfinder Playtest are:
    • Mystic, represented by the iconic Shirren mystic Chk Chk – son of the previous iconic mystic, Keskodai.
    • Soldier, represented by the returning iconic Vesk soldier Obozaya.
    • Envoy, represented by the returning iconic human envoy Navasi.
    • Solarion, represented by a new iconic Pahtra Solarian — also opens up the feline Pahtra as a core ancestry for Starfinder: Second Edition.
  • As part of the 'open playtest' model, the Starfinder team will be keeping players updated and involved with "Field Tests" — the first of which will be released today.
    • Content for this first Field Test includes the Soldier Class (Levels 1-5), new equipment, and new creatures (the Computer Glitch Gremlin and Laser Wolf).

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