Superhot is Going to Japan in Spin-Off Title

It's been announced that a spin-off to Superhot, that is not being handled by the original development team, is in the works and will take the formula to Japan.

Superhot is Going to Japan in Spin-Off Title

Superhot remains just a polished and exciting experience. The game exudes a sense of 'cool' unlike most, it's red and white sheen looking great. Conceptually it was a super fresh idea when it hit, with movement and time tied together in a puzzle-solving way. That's why I'll always be up for a little more to play.

It seems we have that coming too, although with a rather interesting spin-off. The temporarily named Superhot JP has been announced, an offshoot transferring the gameplay of the game to Japan. This one isn't being done by SUPERHOT Team though, instead, the reigns being picked up by Japan based Game Tomo. The original developers will be offering guidance on the project. As for how much will come with the game, the official site says:

About 15-18 regular levels and 3-4 endless levels, a few new weapons (including a bow and arrow), and the same game modes as the original SUPERHOT.

The game will also take place in several Japanese flavoured environments from hot springs to bullet trains to karaoke bars.

There is no word on when we can expect the spin-off, and the site says that right now there are only plans to release it in Japan. However, if the game comes over to the rest of the world (which I suspect is a high probability), I'll be excited to play it. I love the formula and the bizarre story the franchise tells. If that is all here, I'm always up for more Superhot.