Home Alone Funko, Perfect For Holiday Decorations! That's Wet Bandits…W-E-T…

Home Alone is, of course, one of the all-time holiday classics. I know I watch it every year, and I even have some decorations based on the film that I place around my home that celebrate the film as well. Now, I can add these to those decorations, as Funko is finally giving us Home Alone Pops.

"This is my house, I have to defend it."

A few characters from the classic Holiday film Home Alone
are now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment.

This series features Kevin, he's home alone
and must protect his house!
Coming equipped to take on anyone
with his BB gun and a hot iron.

Also, the "Wet Bandits" Harry and Marv.
Harry comes with his torch blown burnt head,
and Marv is featured with his iron burn
on his face and holding a crow bar.

Man, those figures are awesome. You have to love that they included those details on the Harry and Marv. My dad does not laugh or really react much to things in films, but every year when that iron hits Marv in the face he loses it. And when he hits Harry with the crowbar when the spider is crawling on his chest. So many classic moments. Kevin holding his BB gun is perfect as well, although I tried shooting Starting Line-Up figures with one once like he does and it was a total disaster.

Funko Pop Home Alone Wet Bandits Best Buy Exclusive

We are also getting a two-pack of The Wet Bandits that will be available exclusively at Best Buy. These are no different than the regular releases, but it comes in a bigger box that says Wet bandits, so I will have to get it. I am usually against something like this having different releases than the regular Pops, but it would have been cool to get no-house damage Wet Bandits here, but oh well.

Look for these in stores in November.

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