Superman: World's Finest Listing Spotted Fuelling Rumours Of Rocksteady's Next Game

A listing on a PC spec requirement site has possibly hinted that Rocksteady's next game focuses on Superman.


Word of a Superman game has been circulating for years at this point. Way back in 2015, I talked to my sources and found this gif of a convincing looking Superman asset. My speculation at the time was that the game was being done by Arkham Origins developer WB Montreal, but murmurs of a Superman game coming from Rocksteady themselves was never far behind.

That peaked it's head again earlier this year, when a now deleted 4chan post spoke about Rocksteady working on a Superman title three times the size of Arkham Knight. Speculation at the time is we would hear from it at E3, but alas we didn't.

Well, the game has popped up its head up again. Well, maybe. As spotted by users at ResetEra, a listing for Superman: World's Finest turned up on site Game System Requirements. There aren't a lot of details about the game, other than Rocksteady Games is developing it. It's not clear how the listing turned up on the site, whether it be an early leak for the game or just a prank. Because of that, you should take this whole story with a pinch of salt.

That said, news of Warner Bros. Interactive trying to make a Superman game happen has been around for years, and now this is the second mention of the game in a year, there may be enough smoke here to suspect fire. Also, this news is coming pretty close to the Game Awards, where people suspect big announcements. I suppose in a couple of days we will know.