Surviving The Aftermath Receives Its Sixth Big Update

Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios revealed the sixth big update for Surviving The Aftermath, adding in some new options and challenges to the game. The big additions this time around are that you now have better ways to defend your colony if you're under attack, you have a series of specialists who can reach out to and command, there are certain conditions you now need to meet for specific things to occur with colonists, and you now have roaming beasts in the wildlands who aren't so friendly and will attack. The devs have also incorporated player feedback into the game and have changed up the way the bartering and trade system works. Players can now barter with wider reputation ranges, and take advantage of special deals when they arise. The survival colony builder now comes with 10 combat-focused events. Plus two additional buildings have been created with the Outhouse and Gate Level 3. You can read more about the update for Surviving The Aftermath below, and see the full patch notes here.

Surviving The Aftermath gets update #6 this week, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.
Surviving The Aftermath gets update #6 this week, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.
  • Defend Your Colony: Bandits are at the gate and will attack if you don't give into their demands. Have your colonists fortify your gate and drive them back before the gate is breached. Bandit groups that are strong enough to break your defenses will pour into your colony, wreaking havoc on everything in their wake while your colonists try to mount a counterattack and save their home.

  • Command Your Specialists: Take command of your Specialists while they are in the colony. You can now order Specialists to go on the offensive and attack invading bandits if your gates are breached.

  • The Wild Attacks: Wildlife in the wasteland has become aggressive and will attack your colonists. Viscous beasts will cluster around resources, blocking access until defeated. Animals can go on a rampage and storm the colony, damaging buildings, attacking colonists, and eating crops.

  • Colonist Conditions: Colonists have a mind of their own and will react to the player's decisions. They can even give helpful advice or share their expectations. If a colonist feels like they are living under negative conditions, it can affect their ability to work.

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