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The Alters Releases New Character Introduction Trailer

11 Bit Studios has released a new trailer for The Alters, as you get an introduction to all of the characters who are also you.

Indie game developer and publisher 11 Bit Studios released a new trailer this morning for The Alters, giving you a proper character introduction. To be more specific, you're getting introduced to you, yourself, and themselves, as the game introduces you to all of the different versions of the main character. The mechanics of the game, when it comes to cloning, is that you're looking for versions of yourself with specific skills based on how your life went and then using a special cloning machine to make that version of you, so you can take on certain jobs. In essence, making a Doctor version of yourself to serve as the ship's doctor if you had taken a specific path in life. Enjoy the trailer and now info below, as the game will be coming out sometime in 2024.

The Alters Releases New Character Introduction Trailer
Credit: 11 Bit Studios

"Forged in the spirit of meaningful entertainment, The Alters is a base-building survival game driven by life-defining choices and exploring the diverse paths one could take. The inhospitable planet where Jan crash-landed is turning toward a massive sun, causing radiation levels to soar; in this desperate race against time, Jan must harness local Rapidium crystals to create his many versions: the "Alters." Set within an ever-moving mobile base, both teamwork and building a wide range of expertise are indispensable for survival."

"By selecting diverging paths for the other Jans during the alteration process; they acquire distinct skill sets. They become invaluable, not only for maintaining the base but also for tasks like cooking, crafting tools for surface exploration, and gathering essential resources. However, the Alters are more than mere resources. They are sentient beings with their own emotions, problems, goals, and sometimes, existential doubts about their purpose. Despite their differences, their collective goal is to escape, echoing Jan's determination to survive: I'll just do it all by myselves."

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