The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance Will Get A Console Release

Nicalis Inc. revealed today that The Binding Of Isaac: Repentance will be getting a console release in the latter half of 2021. The game will be getting a Nintendo Switch release, as well as a PS4 and PS5 version, all three as both a digital and physical copy release. As far as we know, the game is still on track to being released on March 31st for PC with no change in plans, so the push to later in the year is basically giving themselves time to bring it over to all of those systems. Kinda surprised we're not getting an Xbox version, but give it time, it's bound to happen. Those versions are now available for pre-order through the company's website right now.

Because of course, we needed to experience this on the Switch! Courtesy of Nicalis Inc.
Because of course, we needed to experience this on the Switch! Courtesy of Nicalis Inc.

Experience the modern classic, The Binding of Isaac, like you've never seen it before. It's a game too big to be called a sequel: Repentance takes Isaac to new heights of roguelike dungeon adventure, as the brave boy descends into the basement for his greatest challenge yet! Isaac's new quest takes him to unknown places he's never been, filled with horrible new enemies and bosses, weapon combos you've never synergized before and items he's never seen… unholy terrors from his wildest dreams and worst nightmares! The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is so huge, so new and so feature-packed that it makes previous updates look like prequels. There are more features, improvements and new secrets, too many secrets, than most games would include in an official sequel! It's an immense amount of new content to explore, even if you're at 1,000,000%! The Binding of Isaac: Repentance features hundreds of new features and quality-of-life improvements. It's the ultimate edition of the genre-defining roguelike, now with OVER 500 HOURS of new gameplay!

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