The Call Of Duty League Releases Its 2020 Schedule

Activision Blizzard has released a brand new set of dates for the Call Of Duty League, revealing its full 2020 schedule. While they haven't set up the matchups yet, we do now have a list of where they will be on each week. It appears it will run a half-year, with a championship date yet to be set. But we're guessing it will be in August like this year's was. Here's a few more details of what is on the way.

Credit: Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty League events will be hosted by teams in their respective home markets. The league will also host its own event weekends, including the Call of Duty League Midseason Weekend and Call of Duty League Championship Weekend. The regular season is divided into two splits – not including the postseason.

Each team in the Call of Duty League will host two Home Series events in their market, one in each split. Each Home Series weekend will feature multiple pro team matches, including the host city team. All host cities have the option to host additional events at their Home Series, including amateur open bracket competition. The host team will not compete against each visiting team at the Home Series event. Some visiting teams will compete only against other visiting teams. A full match-up schedule is coming soon!

Throughout the season, teams are ranked by match wins and losses to determine who advances to the Playoffs. The post-season will feature the top 8 teams from the season, including 2 wild card spots that advance to the playoffs. During the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend, the final 6 Playoffs teams will face off in double-elimination competition until the final two pro teams go head to head in the Call of Duty League Championship.

Credit: Activision Blizzard

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