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Call Of Duty League Has Made Zenni Their Official Eyewear
Zenni announced this week that they have officially partnered with Call Of Duty League to become their official eyewear The company kicked off their partnership with the esports league as the presenting partner of the 2021 Season April Major, currently happening this weekend While the finer details of the deal weren't revealed, we do know[...]
"Call of Duty" League is Headed Online-Only Due to Coronavirus
Activision-Blizzard and the Call Of Duty League have launched a new way for you to get a better gamertag within their ranks In this day and age, especially with so many players having created original names or taken up many of the original names you would go for without a random name generator, it's hard[...]
Call Of Duty League Completes Major Stage One, & Looks Ahead
Over the weekend, the Call Of Duty League completed the Major Stage One tournament with $500k on the line and an unsurprising victor Going into the tournament there was little doubt who the two leaders were of the events as the Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe were the two top teams holding the A and[...]
Call Of Duty League Announces Schedule Changes Due To Weather
Activision Blizzard has had to make a few adjustments to the Call Of Duty League this week due to the terrible weather we're experiencing In case you happen to live on the west coast of the United States, you may have missed the fact that the past week of weather across the country has been[...]
The 2021 Call Of Duty League Season Kicks Off Today
Starting at 12pm PT today, Activision Blizzard will kick off the first week of the 2021 Season for Call Of Duty League The series will start with the Atlanta FaZe Home Series, with all matches being broadcast live on YouTube We have the complete schedule for you here as well as a list of events[...]
Call Of Duty League Reveals Plans For The 2021 Season
This past week, Activision Blizzard revealed the plans for the 2021 season for Call Of Duty League, including the opening weekend details As you might suspect, this season will be completely different compared to the inaugural season, primarily because player will be operating with the Black Ops Cold War setup instead of Modern Warfare, but[...]
100 Thieves Joins The Call Of Duty League With LA Thieves
Esports team 100 Thieves announced they have joined the Call Of Duty League for Season Two with their new team, LA Thieves As you might suspect, the team decided to base themselves in Los Angeles for the team's location, making them the second team out of the city along with the Los Angeles Guerrillas The[...]
The Dallas Empire Are The 2020 Call Of Duty League Champions
Yesterday evening, during the final game of the Call Of Duty League's inaugural season, the Dallas Empire took the championship The tournament took place over the weekend as the League slowly whittled down the competition until it was left to just two teams as Dallas took on the Atlanta FaZe What's more, it came down[...]
Call Of Duty League Reveals Prefect Brack Contest & New Trophy
The Call Of Duty League had a couple of cool announcements this week as they have a new contest for you as well as a new trophy First and foremost, let's check out this new trophy will be playing for in the 2020 playoffs Since this is the inaugural season, they didn't want to go[...]
Call Of Duty League Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season Online
Activision Blizzard revealed today that the remainder of the 2020 season for Call Of Duty League will be played online The move shouldn't come as a shock to anyone as COVID-19 has continued to rise in North America, and the prospect of even holding anything in-person is pretty much a foregone conclusion until 2021 at[...]
Auto Draft
A cool reveal today from SCUF Gaming as the company showed off all of the custom controllers for the Call Of Duty League All of these new custom faces show off all of the official League team designs, with each one featuring team colors and logos The new line of SCUF controllers commemorates the inaugural[...]
Call Of Duty League Reschedules Minnesota Home Series
Today the Call Of Duty League announced they have officially rescheduled the Minnesota Home Series after being postponed The organization sent out the notice below, letting the media and fans know that it would now run on June 12-14 What's more, the home team will be running a fundraiser in support of the recent protests[...]
"Call of Duty" League is Headed Online-Only Due to Coronavirus
Following the actions taken by Activision this week, the Call Of Duty League has decided to postpone their upcoming events in Minnesota The organization sent out the statement below about their upcoming events in the city of Minneapolis after, officially putting off the Minnesota Home Series that would have taken place next week from June[...]
Call Of Duty League Launches Warzone Weekend Today
Today, the Call Of Duty League will kick off a new competition as Warzone Weekend will debut on YouTube this afternoon As the company looks to its league for new ideas of competition with everyone being handled online, they made up a new event in the battle royale mode with the first-ever closed-server competition in[...]
Call Of Duty League Exclusive Charm
How would you like to earn yourself an exclusive limited-edition weapons charm from the Call Of Duty League? Starting today, you have a chance to receive a Call Of Duty League Weapons Charm for use in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty: Warzone As you can see from the photo below, it's[...]