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The Crackpet Show Receives A Fun Holiday Update

Ravenage Games and Vixa Games dropped a new update into The Crackpet Show as they bring a bit of holiday cheer to the game. This particular update adds in a few new additions to keep you busy over the holidays, including a new boss, a new item, a brand-new perk, and a new playable character. Plus some additional bug fixes since the game is still in Early Access. You can read more about them here as the update is free to download.

The Crackpet Show Receives A Fun Holiday Update
Credit: Ravenage Games
  • New Perk — Healing Combo: When healing, this perk has a chance of dropping an additional healing heart. It's a one-two punch of medical care!
  • New Boss — Host Parrot: The host of the show renegotiated their contract so they could have more screen time. Going talon-to-talon with the competitors wasn't exactly what they had in mind, but hey, that's show biz!
  • New Special Item — Magic Trick: Upon use, this item creates a wave that expands from the player outward in every direction, eliminating all enemy projectiles. A bullet-less bullet hell? Now THAT'S a magic trick!
  • New Character — Evil Goat: Horns? Check. Beard? Check. Hooves? Check. An insatiable thirst for blood? Check. Yep, that's an Evil Goat.
  • A Festive Coat of Paint: The blood-stained rooms of The Crackpet Show will be adorned with Christmas decorations throughout the holiday season.

Are you ready to get famous? If so, grab your gun and join the most violent TV show in the history of violent TV shows! Participants will have to shoot, smash and rip through hundreds of enemies on their way to victory! The Crackpet Show is an action-packed rogue-lite shoot'em-up about mutated animals that fight in a bizarre TV show, crushing their opponents with a variety of weapons. Choose your beastie, gear 'em up, and go kill your enemies in the name of fame and sweet sponsorship deals!

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