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The Crackpet Show Will Arrive In Early Access In December

Ravenage Games has decided they're going to release The Crackpet Show into Early Access as the game will be coming out in December. Developed by Vixa Games, this particular one is a rogue-lite shoot'em-up centered around a bunch of mutated animals who fight with each other in a weird kind of reality TV show. They spend every episode crushing their opponents with a variety of weapons, just to come back and do it all over again. You can see the trailer for the game below as the devs are planning for Early Access on Steam on December 16th.

The Crackpet Show Will Arrive In Early Access In December
Credit: Ravenage Games

Inspired by classic gore-filled cartoons like Happy Tree FriendsThe Crackpet Show puts players in control of mutated animals competing for fame and fortune — and their lives — on the most violent television show in broadcast history. These furry freaks have access to dozens of randomly dropped weapons and stackable perks that ramp up their destructive capabilities and help them rise to bloody stardom. The prize for doing so? Adoration from their fans in the form of likes, which, unlike real life, are actually useful! Spend likes to upgrade weapons, perks, and items to be more dangerous in all future runs.

The Crackpet Show features four-player co-op, allowing friends to work together to get famous. Likes, dropped weapons, and special items are all shared between the group, and everyone selects their perks from the same pool. Players can rationally discuss who gets what, or someone could hog the spotlight and steal all of the best weapons and items for themselves. But if more than one player selects the same perk, they must fight for it in a fast-paced minigame. Like any reality TV show, conflict can only make it more entertaining! There's fun to be had with any playstyle, and the randomized episodes ensure that playing with friends will always be a fresh experience.

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