The DioField Chronicle Interviews Game Composers In New Video

Square Enix released a brand new video this week for The DioField Chronicle as they interview the game's composers about the music. The team chats with Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, who are probably best known for their work on the music for Game Of Thrones, as they go over many of the finer points of creating an epic soundtrack for this latest RPG title. The video comes as the game has now officially been released, but for those looking to try it out, you can also access a free digital demo, available on all platforms it was released on. If you choose to buy the game later, the save data from the demo will transfer over to the full game. You can watch the interview with both of the composers below.

The DioField Chronicle Set For Release In Late September
Credit: Square Enix

The DioField Chronicle features a beautiful and unique world, blending fantasy with medieval and modern-day influences. Under the steady hand of the Shaytham dynasty, the Kingdom of Alletain on DioField Island has known peace for 200 years, but suddenly find themselves cast into an age of uncertainty due to the rise of warlike powers and modern magic. The Kingdom of Alletain is rich in the mineral Jade, prized for its use as a base ingredient in magic and sorcery, and the attention of both the Empire and the Alliance inevitably turns towards the island. Players will take control of a band of elite mercenaries calling themselves "Blue Fox," but will the name "Blue Fox" come to signify hope or darkest tragedy.

The DioField Chronicle features a deep and strategic "Real-Time Tactical Battle" (RTTB) system, where players and enemy troops move in real-time, and the tide of battle can change in an instant. The game is set in a unique world which features a gritty and immersive storyline that combines fantasy, medieval and modern elements.

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