The Elder Scrolls: Online is Celebrating Halloween Early with the Wolfhunter DLC

The Elder Scrolls: Online is Celebrating Halloween Early with the Wolfhunter DLC

The Elder Scrolls: Online is celebrating Halloween early with the new Wolfhunter dungeon DLC pack which brings two new dungeons, a new battleground and PVP type, and a base game update to the skill point respec system and werewolf-type enemies.

The Wolfhunter DLC is free for all ESO Plus members and is available for purchase from the Crown-Store. The DLC pack includes two new werewolf-themed dungeons: March of Sacrifices and Moon Hunter Keep.

The Dungeon descriptions read:

When decreed by Hircine, the Daedric Prince hosts the Great Hunt within his realm. In March of Sacrifices, you and your team must escape Hircine's Hunting Grounds, a place of perpetual conflict between predator and prey, by participating in his dangerous game. Your target: A powerful Indrik. Your rewards: A boon from the Daedric Prince himself!

However, you are not the only hunters competing to win Hircine's favor, and you'll quickly discover that many have been invited to participate. Be warned: As you stalk and fight your way through this extraordinary Daedric realm, you might find that you yourselves are the ones hunted!

In the second dungeon, an ancient werewolf of incredible power named Vykosa has captured Moon Hunter Keep and destroyed the Order of the Silver Dawn's garrison. Now, Vykosa draws more and more of Tamriel's were-beasts to her cause, and she has begun to amass a monstrous army.

You and your team must enter the once-proud headquarters of the Order, battle your way through hordes of were-beasts and other monsters, make your way to the heart of the keep, and confront Vykosa herself before she threatens all of Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls: Online is Celebrating Halloween Early with the Wolfhunter DLC

Both dungeons come with new monsters and bosses, including a new werewolf behemoth, and can be completed in Normal, Veteran, and Veteran Hard Mode difficulties. You'll be able to access some new gear sets, monster masks, and unique collectibles from completing the dungeons. However, just by entering either March of Sacrifices or Moon Hunter Keep, you get the Werewolf Hunter Hat for free.

Meanwhile, Update 19 is a free update to the base game for all ESO players which includes an all-new Battlegrounds map, AvA additions for PvP players, and some quality of life improvements.

The PVP changes include:

Istirus Outpost (Battleground)

This new arena is located along Cyrodiil's southwest border, and features fortified stone structures and walls that should seem familiar to those who fight in the Alliance War. Istirus Outpost, however, has some unique twists that set it apart from other arenas. Firstly, the map is only semi-symmetrical, meaning how you navigate the arena will differ depending on your team. In previous Battlegrounds, each team has been able to move around the arena more-or-less the same way, but now you must develop your map knowledge early to ensure you can navigate it as quickly as possible.

To help with this, Istirus Outpost is also the first Battleground to allow players to mount. This'll bring a faster pace to the arena, but it will also be welcome relief for Stamina PvPers who no longer need to expend resources to get to the fight. Mount up!

AvA Changes and Additions

Update 19 also shakes up the open-world PvP of the Alliance War with the addition of Keep Recall Stones. These new items give you and your fellow warriors the ability to traverse Cyrodiil like never before. Finally, Update 19 reintroduces keep degradation and condenses both the levels for Keeps and Resources. With these changes, it is as important as ever to capture Resources, giving small group or solo players meaningful ways to contribute to the war. Keep an eye out for new AvA and Battlegrounds rewards, too, including the Gladiator costume and all-new Battlegrounds Outfit styles!

As for the quality of life improvements, the respec system has been updated to allow you to make smaller, more precise changes to your skills. So when you reset your Skill Points, you can remove Skills individually and are not forced to re-add all of them from scratch. So it'll work much more like the Champion Point respec system.

And to go with the Wolfhunter DLC, if your character is afflicted by lycanthropy, you can now access a ton of improvements and changes to the Werewolf Skill Line. With Update 19, werewolf players have seen buffs to both the Werewolf Skill Line's active and passive abilities. With the new update, the Blood Rage passive ability now increases the duration of your wolf transformation when you deal damage rather (instead of increasing transformation duration by amount of damage taken). Additionally, the Roar active ability is now an instant cast.

You can find more details on free update 19 and the Wolfhunter dungeon DLC here. Wolfhunter is available now for PC and Console players. The official DLC trailer is below.

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