The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is Getting A Board Game

A nice surprise to find out over the weekend as Bethesda Softworks and Modiphius Entertainment will be making a Skyrim board game. Yes, in the ever-continuing quest to make sure you can play the game in pretty much any format you can think of, the company will be going in on a tabletop version. To be clear, this isn't new territory as the two companies have worked before on the very same franchise. In fact, we talked about it two years ago when they released Call To Arms, which was a miniature based tabletop game that used some of the same mechanics as other board games the two had created with their IPs. But this time around it sounds like this will be more of your standard board game design as it will be a tabletop entry based upon the main storyline and play out like you would if you were actually diving into it for 5,000 hours.

Because why wouldn't they make a board game version of it? Courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment.
Because why wouldn't they make a board game version of it? Courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment.

The project has a GameFound page, which is run by Modiphius, but it doesn't have a lot of details to it beyond the idea that it will be a 1-4 player game. Someone has been responding to questions in the comments section, with this being the most viable information when it comes to testing the game.

There will be lots of previews of components, gameplay and design blogs in the run up to launch, and a playable demo on Tabletop Simulator to try the game before you decide whether to support the project. By following the project you'll see these updates first.

We'll see how long it takes them to post any info about it, but diehard Skyrim fans are already making up their own assumptions as to what will be in the game. Here's hoping they don't disappoint anyone when there's nothing to even show yet.

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