The King Of Fighters XV Adds Omega Rugal As Free DLC Character

SNK announced a new update to The King Of Fighters XV today as players can get a free DLC character in the form of Omega Rugal. The character will officially drop on April 14th, 2022, and will become a character you can add to Team Garou. as well as some of the upcoming three teams (consisting of three characters each) launching this year. Which in total will give you 13 DLC characters and bring the roster to 52 characters by year's end.

Omega is a fun character to ass to the list as you're getting a former boss fighter that absolutely wiped the floor with a lot of people in the early edition of the series. Don't let the weird look fool you (because who wears suspenders they're not even using with a sleeveless fishnet shirt?), he is very much a heavy hitter that won't need a ton of moves to put anyone down. But we're guessing the drawback is that the character won't have a ton of movement. The DLC will also come with a new Boss mode as you deal with the character at his worst. You can read more about ti below and check out the latest trailer.

The King Of Fighters XV Adds Omega Rugal As Free DLC Character
Credit: SNK

Rugal, who appeared as an overwhelmingly strong boss character in The King Of Fighters '95, has made his way into The King Of Fighters XV. This dark arms merchant of death once ruled the world's black market and was never shy about digging his fangs into any fighter that dared challenge him. Through the power of Orochi, he was given life once again, until a group of fierce fighters brought his reign to an end. Now, due to Verse's influence, he's returned to the mortal realm to extract vengeance. Alongside the launch of Omega Rugal comes a new game mode called "Boss Challenge". Players can take down the fearsome Omega Rugal CPU and gain access to fun content like his special Ω Armor costume, a new stage, and new music. Do you have what it takes to defeat Omega Rugal?

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