The Kyurem Scale: Rating Bosses In Pokémon GO – Deoxys & Genesect

Bleeding Cool is here to introduce the Kyurem Scale in Pokémon GO. This new system, based on both the odd-placement and bastardly penchant for hopping out of balls exhibited by the Unova Legendary Pokémon Kyurem, is meant to rate the difficulty of catching Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO raids on a scale of "One" through "Full @#$%ing Kyurem." Now that we have assessed multiple generations of Legendaries, we move to two Mythicals that are featured in raids: Deoxys and Genesect.

Genesect and Deoxys in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Genesect and Deoxys in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic


Deoxys has multiple Formes (that's how the Pokémon universe spells "Forms," and how Niantic spells "A Way To Cash In On Multiple Raid Rotations") and each one feels pretty much the same in how they're caught. They don't go down as easy as some other raid bosses in Pokémon GO, and trying to Pinap Berry them in order to rake in more Deoxys Candy may lead to your Pokémon fleeing. However, its Catch Circle is placed directly over its face and its attack is pretty each to anticipate due to it being a simple swipe forward with its noodly arms. Golden Razz Berries, Circle Lock, and Great or Excellent Throws will make this a moderately easy catch.

RATING: Six – Not Crazy Hard, But Don't Get Caught Slipping


Maybe Genesect treats you differently than he treats me, but here's my experience. You ever hang out with someone who seems to be a great friend for the most part and then, sometimes, they just… turn into a complete douche? That's Genesect. It has a simply-placed Catch Circle and a simple jab of an attack, but here's what I've experienced personally which I've also seen said in my raid groups. Sometimes? Easiest Pokémon to catch. Other times? It eats Excellents for breakfast. Personally, I'll try to leave ten throws that I'll use Golden Razzes for and try to use the first set of throws to attempt Pinap Berry catches. Sometimes, it's easy. Sometimes, though? Genesect is that douchey friend.

RATING: Seven – Acts Like Your Friend Until He Pulls Some Rude S@#$

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