The Russians Will Come To World Of Warships: Legends Next Week

Wargaming has announced this morning that the new Russian fleet update coming to World Of Warships: Legends will be coming on April 13th. According to the info the devs released today, both Russian Destroyers and appearance of Russian Battleships will be headed to Early Access next week, along with a couple of new campaigns for people to play. Right now the Russian Destroyers are fully released so players can research their way through them to the Tier VII Tashkent. Unlike most destroyers, these particular ships focus their abilities as a gunboat rather than stealth and torpedo armament. What's more, they have flat-shooting guns designed for maximum range. This gives them the advantage to dodge incoming fire with higher speeds. You can read more about these additions below and watch them in action here.

The Russians are on their way to World Of Warships, courtesy of Wargaming.
The Russians are on their way to World Of Warships: Legends, courtesy of Wargaming.

"There are two new campaigns coming with this update: "To Tame A Dreadnought" and "The Heroic Oleg." The first campaign will run until May 4 and features the Russian commander Mikhail Kedrov as the final reward. Kedrov was historically the captain of the battleship Gangut during World War One and now brings his experience to help players tame the Russian Battleships in World of Warships: Legends. "The Heroic Oleg" campaign starts just after "To Tame A Dreadnought" and has the cruiser Oleg as the crown jewel. The Oleg is a handsome old-fashioned protected cruiser that was one of the few Russian survivors of the Battle of Tsushima. Both campaigns are packed with rewards, including Soviet crates that give players a shot at getting one of the new battleships."

"Ranked battles reappear for two more sprints, returning to the shorter seasons based on player feedback. Players will be able to battle through for extra rewards, season exclusive patches, and some Soviet crates. Plus, there are a couple of new features coming to the game! First, there is now a Photo mode in the port for players to take beauty shots of their favorite ships. There is also an option to have the commanders speak in their mother-tongues now, and a bigger scale HUD option for smaller screens."

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