The Third Annual Game Music Festival Will Take Place In October

The Game Music Foundation announced this past week that the third annual Game Music Festival will take place this October in Poland. The event will run from October 16th-17th, featuring two different kinds of content each day. The first day will feature music from Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, and Hades, while the second night will focus on Divinity: Original Sin II and Baldur's Gate III. Tickets are being sold, but it sounds like the event will be online-only due to COVID-19. Meaning your ticket is buying a virtual seat to watch it live from home from their website. You can read more about the selection below as the organizers are working hard to give those who wish to attend some of the best shows they can, as mentioned in this brief statement from them.

"This year is different for us for obvious reasons. Thus we want to meet the expectations of our fans by preparing high-quality streaming of both concerts. A professional transmission will be available online for free. We are also planning to invite some special guests onsite if only the regulations allow us to. Nevertheless, masterclass workshops and meet & greet sessions are also possible remotely. We focus on the highest artistic quality, so once again we decided to cooperate with the National Forum of Music which has one of the best philharmonic halls in the world in terms of sheer acoustics."

The Third Annual Game Music Festival Will Take Place In October
Credit: Game Music Festival

The Symphony of Four Worlds is the first concert of this year's Game Music Festival. It is an opus that pays homage to four amazing games: Transistor, Hades, Pyre, Bastion. Each of them has earned a special spot in the hearts of gamers also thanks to the awesome music by Darren Korb whose eclectic style is their common denominator. These diverse soundtracks will be presented live in surprising arrangements by the Sound Factory Orchestra, conducted by Robert Kurdybacha, who delivered incredible performances during previous GMFs. This time they will take the listeners on a journey across the visionary worlds by Supergiant Games.

The second concert of the festival will be The Symphony of Sin, a true delight for all RPG enthusiasts. Fans will hear the world premiere of music from Baldur's Gate III, the upcoming continuation of cult classic games set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Furthermore, the other main ingredient of this event is the soundtrack of Divinity: Original Sin II – the critically acclaimed flagship title by Larian Studios. Both of these were composed by Borislav Slavov and will be performed live by the seasoned NFM Philharmonic.

The Third Annual Game Music Festival Will Take Place In October

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