There's A Boxed & Sealed Version Of Gyromite Up For Auction

An oddity unto itself, Gyromite was one of the first Nintendo games released for the NES, that was both interactive and confusing. The game was only one of two that utilized the R.O.B.  toy that came with the extra special versions of the NES, as you had an interactive pal to help you using a system of plastic toys to make decisions in the game. It was a fad that didn't catch on, and now there's thousands of videos about it on YouTube about it. However, the game remains a weird rarity to this day. Now you can get your hands on one as Heritage Auctions has a boxed and sealed version that's currently going for $8,250. You can read more about the auction below and it ends on July 10th.

There's A Boxed & Sealed Version Of Gyromite Up For Auction
Credit: Heritage Auctions

Sealed?! Your eyes aren't lying to you, this game is indeed factory sealed! In fact, this is the very first sealed copy of any sticker variant black box title that we have ever offered at public auction. The matte sticker indicates that this copy of Gyromite was produced for the first production run of the title which was released at the first US test market for the Nintendo Entertainment System launch in Manhattan. Gyromite came as a pack-in title with the console at the launch, and, as collectors generally agree, it is odd to see a pack-in title that was never opened. We have heard that Nintendo only produced 100,000 units of this console set, making the possibility of finding sealed copies of this variant quite slim. This game was meant to be played with R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy) the robot, and, while R.O.B. is more fun to play with in theory than in practice, what kid could have possibly resisted playing the only game that R.O.B. knew how to play at the time?

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