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These Pokémon TCG Promos Will Be Limited To Certain KFC Locations

A photograph of three promo cards featuring Starter Pokémon has made its way online. These promos are branded with the KFC logo and feature the notable combination of Oshawott, Rowlett, and Cyndaquil. In the past, these Pokémon had very little in common besides being Starter from different regions, with Oshawott hailing from Unova, Rowlett from Alola, and Cyndaquil from Johto. However, these three are also the Starter Pokémon for the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus, an open-world RPG that sees the player travel into the history of the Sinnoh region when it was called Hisui. These three cards have been confirmed as Pokémon TCG promos tying into the January 2022 release of the game, but you may not be able to purchase these at your local KFC. Let's take a look at where these can be found.

KFC promos. Credit: Pokémon TCG
KFC promos. Credit: Pokémon TCG

PokeBeach has confirmed that the Pokémon TCG Hisui Starter promos can only be obtained at KFCs in Taiwan. The promotion begins January 11th and will run through February 28th with the cards being released in "designated meals." There is no word of a wider release for these cards in Japan, the United States, or elsewhere. It is more likely that we will receive the cards through another means, either as promos or an expansion, than it is that KFC will expand their promotion. Keep an eye right here on Bleeding Cool for word on when these cards — or, to be honest, if these cards — make it over to international audiences.

This isn't the first KFC promotion that was limited in this way. We saw KFC Indonesia previously feature Pokémon toys and promo cards that used artwork from previously released cards including the Full Art Pikachu with the Galar Starters that we saw as a SWSH Promo here in the United States. Unlike that promotion, though, this one uses new artwork.

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