Tiamat Games Announces Seafaring Roguelike RPG Maritime Calling

Tiamat Games revealed earlier this week that they will be releasing a new roguelite RPG set on the high seas called Maritime Calling. The game is pretty cool as you are playing the captain of an older ship, back in the days when the oceans weren't entirely charted and there was still new stuff to find. You'll have to manage your ship, support the crew, and chart a course to find treasures that have been lost to time. All while trying to survive at sea with nothing around you in every direction. The game is currently earmarked for Q3 2021, as you can check out the trailer below along with more details on the story.

Its time to see how well your sea legs work out on the ocean, captain. Courtesy of Tiamat Games.
It's time to see how well your sea legs work out on the ocean, captain. Courtesy of Tiamat Games.

Maritime Calling is set in a thriving archipelago during the Age of Sail, a perilous time for would-be adventurers attempting to make names for themselves on the high seas. After hearing whispers of mysterious lands beyond the boundaries of any known map, a fleet of ships full of accomplished sailors assemble and set out on an expedition to see if there's even a hint of truth to these tall-tales. Unfortunately, a deadly ambush sinks every vessel save but one with a steel-hearted captain at the helm — that's where the player comes in. Being the only ship around for as far as the eye can see means captains must earn their stripes by supporting the crew at all times, even while the boat is frequently under the threat of storms, reef-packed shallows, or other navigational hazards! If players survive these dangers and keep the crew happy, it won't be long before they discover new lands and exquisite treasures! Remember, for all the sea's perils, its rewards are bountiful. It's time to carve out a place in the annals of maritime history!

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