Time Keeps on Slipping for Us in Planet Alpha

The last game we got to try out at the Team17 booth at PAX East was a beautiful indie title that we're still thinking about sitting here writing other articles, and that's Planet Alpha. I'm a sucker for anything that uses time travel and messing with time in general as a mechanic, so having control over it in this platformer was an unexpected treat. The game will have you running through an expanse filled with weird flora and fauna, not to mention an array of creatures that are both a delight and a terror to look at. As you move to the right, different obstacles will be in your way depending on the time of day, and you can manipulate them by rewinding or fast-forwarding time how you see fit. So let's say there's a cap you can't jump but you see a particular kind of spore nearby. All you need to do is swap day to night and watch it bloom into a flower, which you can then step on to get across.


This is one of those artistic games that gets stuck in your head and you're not sure where it goes at first, but it keeps creeping back into memory and makes you want to play the game again. We weren't given a timeframe for release, but we're super stoked to try it out when they do publish Planet Alpha.

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