6 Avengers: Infinity War Hats from New Era and Lids in New Collection

New Era is offering a new line of Avengers: Infinity War hats at Lids stores. There are six hats in all, with four being 9fifty snapbacks, and two available are 59fifty fitted hats. All six feature various logos related to the film, with front panel designs and some with back panel designs as well. A couple of them are Infinity Stones and Gauntlet related as well.

First the 59fifty fitted hats. The first is gray and features an embroidered Avengers "A" with the Infinity Gauntlet behind it. Pretty neat looking. On the back the Infinity War logo is stitched into the back. The second is the most-busy of the hats. It features art all-around the panels of the characters from the film, with Thanos the most prominent on the front two. The blue hue is awesome, and the underside of the bill features the Infinity War logo. An Avengers "A" is stitched into the back.

Now let's look at the 9fifty snapbacks. Only one features art on the back paneling, with the six Infinity Stones spread across above the hole in the back. The front features the Avengers "A" with an energy burst from each stone. Pretty sharp look there! The blue Thanos "Oceanside" hat features a cool Thanos pose in gray with a the word "War" stitched onto the right side panel. The "A" in "War" is the Avengers "A". The last two hats feature only front panel artwork — a gray hat with the shining Infinity Stones and the words "Infinite Power" between them. This is my personal least favorite of the six; the design just doesn't do anything for me. Lastly, a black snapback featuring the Infinity Gauntlet and the names of the stones in a circle around it. LOVE this one.

While I am more of a stretch-fit hat wearer, I also collect, and five of these are must-owns for my collection. Look for these in Lids stores and online on May 3rd. You can preorder them for yourself right here now.

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