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Super Mario Powers Up with New LEGO Packs Coming in August

Super Mario Powers Up with New LEGO Packs Coming in August

LEGO Super Mario is back and this time he is getting a couple of new power ups LEGO has announced that beginning August 1st, Super Mario will be getting 4 new suits that you can play with You will be able to play with the Super Mario that you will want with the choice of[...]

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Create the Perfect Blanket Fort With These 5 Nerdy Blankets

But everyone can benefit from a good blanket, especially now.Super Mario Bros NES Cartridge Blanket $29.90Reminding us of a simpler time, this blanket is perfect for the gamer whos spending all-day gaming Or for anyone who just wants a piece of their childhood with them.Maleficent & Diablo Blanket $24.90Curl up with the mistress of all[...]

Review: S.H. Figuarts & Bandai's Super Mario Figures

Figuarts and Bandai released a set of Super Mario figures from Nintendo The companies have released a few different sets of the toys, and we got what is essentially a starter kit for the entire line in the mail for review.[caption id="attachment_1092067" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Gavin Sheehan[/caption]So to start things off, we have Mario[...]

High End Mario and Yoshi Statue Coming in 2020 From First 4 Figures

Yoshi can swallow his enemies whole using his hyper-extended tongue and gain special abilities depending on the ingested opponent, or lay them into eggs which can either serve as projectiles or hatch into power-up items for Mario, depending on the video game title. Product Features19 inches (48cm) Made of resin From the Super Mario game series A highly[...]

World of Nintendo Wave 15 Explorer Mario 1

New Wave of World of Nintendo Figures Coming in March

A new wave of World of Nintendo figures will be hitting shelves next month, and the focus for this wave is Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey Those who have played the excellent game will recognize Cappy, Mario's sentient hat that you use in the game to control various enemies and characters It really is[...]

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Super Mario Odyssey Dataminer Finds Broodal-Themed Outfits

Dataminers have gone deep into the code of Super Mario Odyssey and found a series of outfits for the cast that look like the game's Broodal bosses As Siliconera reports, dataminer SciresM took a peek into the game's update files and found some interesting costumes that have yet to be added to Odyssey.Those costumes, just based on their[...]

World of Nintendo Wave 12 Figure 7

World of Nintendo Figures Wave 12 Hits Stores in April

I look at the figure and hear the castle music from Super Mario Bros 3 If I had to ding any figure in the wave, it would be the Metal Mario, but that is only because of a lack of interest on my part The figure itself has a nice sculpt, but it is basically[...]

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It's-a Me, Build-A-Bear Super Mario!

This year, looks like they're going old school — all the way back to the days of classic Super Nintendo.Build-A-Bear is now offering these special Super Mario-themed additions to their already amazing collection of customizable buddies Think of the possibilities![caption id="attachment_760338" align="aligncenter" width="600"] It's-a me, Mario the Build-A-Bear form![/caption][caption id="attachment_760339" align="aligncenter" width="600"] My personal go-to[...]

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Super Mario Cereal Looks To Be Coming With Amiibo Support… Wait, What?

Every TV franchise and half notable sports star seemed to have their own brand of breakfast goods, but sadly (?), that trend died away.Well, Super Mario is back to try and revive the licenced cereal craze According to Cerealousy, (imagine Bleeding Cool if we just talked about cereal), they caught wind that a Kellogg's Super Mario Odyssey themed cereal[...]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For March 10

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on March 10: 1876- The first phone call takes place. Alexander Graham […]

Super Mario Run Is Available For Pre-Register On Android

When Super Mario Run launched I feel every complaint, after the game's price, was the question of an Android release It remained quiet for a little while, but worry not users of the platform, the game is coming.While we don't have a date past '2017' right now, Nintendo did tweet that you can pre-register to[...]

PSA: Super Mario Run Is Out Now

Super Mario Run is about to set the world on fire, and you can now make the leap yourself too.The game has now been released, and you can go get it yourself this second if you so choose The app is expected to make $60 million, based on a report from analysts SuperData, so somewhat[...]

Super Mario Run Gets Its Release Date, New Gameplay And A Price

Super Mario Run is going to be a pretty big deal when it happens Getting Mario onto iOS has long been a dream of the tech community and we are finally going to see it happen.We have a whole bunch of details on it thanks to an info dump today too It's been announced the[...]

Miyamoto Says We Probably Shouldn't Expect Mario In VR Anytime Soon

Nintendo have an… interesting history with the VR. The company once hitched its wagon to the VR train (sort of) in the Virtual Boy and created one of the worst mainstream consoles in history. Since then, especially with the resurgence of the the tech, Nintendo have indicated that they do not believe in the tech. […]