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LEGO Super Mario Yoshis' Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set Revealed 
Get ready for an adorable new Super Mario Bros adventure as LEGO unveils their new Yoshis' Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set That is right, everyone's favorite egg throwing dinosaur is back and in two different colors! Enter the forest with Pink and Yellow Yoshi with this simple yet sweet 107 piece set Super Mario fans will[...]
NECA Announces Batman, Robin and Batgirl 66’ Batarang Prop Replicas 
Let's a go! A new LEGO Super Mario Expansion set has arrived as Bowser is back with a fiery new ride Bowser's Muscle Car Expansion Set is on the way with 458 pieces and will feature a brick built Bowser Super Mario fans will be Abel to remove this big bad from his hot ride[...]
Return to the Mushroom Kingdom with LEGO’s Super Mario Piranha Plant
Get ready for a new level of fun in the Mushroom Kingdom as LEGO debuts its latest addition to our their Super Mario series This house plant will surely bite as the Piranha Plant set is coming to life in brick built format at 540 pieces and standing 9" tall Watch out for those snapping[...]
Donkey Kong Crashes the Party with New LEGO Super Mario Sets
Releasing as part of their growing interactive Super Mario series, Mario is teaming up with the DK Crew Two smaller sets are on the way, starting with Dixie Kong's Jungle Jam Expansion Set The set comes in at 174 pieces, with Dixie Kong and Squawks as they rock out with plenty of instruments On top[...]
Let’s a Go to BoxLunch for their New Super Mario Apparel Collection 
Let's a go! It is a big year for Super Mario Bros as they are dropping some pretty impressive releases Up first is their first animated movie with Illumination's The Super Mario Bros Movie, which is set to hit theaters on April 5th On top of that, Universal Studios is kicking off its new Super[...]
LEGO Reveals Super Mario Massive 2,807-Piece The Mighty Bowser Set 
Bow before The Mighty Bowser as LEGO announces their new-for-October-2022 Super Mario set This set is an actual buildable Bowser that comes in at 2,807 pieces and does connect with other LEGO Super Mario Starter Course Standing 12.5" tall, 16" wide, and 11" deep, Bowser comes to life like never before and includes some nice[...]
Hasbro Is Releasing A Super Mario Edition Of The Game Of Life
Hasbro has a brand new edition of  The Game Of Life on the way as Nintendo fans will get a dose of Super Mario for this edition As you can see from the images we have here, you'll be roaming through the Mushroom Kingdom as one of four friendly faces from the franchise as you[...]
LEGO Announces Super Mario Bros. 2-Player Mario and Luigi Update
It has been quite some time since the world was introduced to LEGO Super Mario Since the iconic plumber's LEGO launch in 2020, we have seen a lot of expansion sets, mini mystery packs, and even some special power-ups Collectors have even received new characters like Yoshi as well as Luigi, who is finally coming[...]
Toadette Was Apparently Cut From Super Mario 3D World
You learn something new every day about your favorite games, and the latest reveal comes to us from the game Super Mario 3D World The game was recently released with Bowser's Fury for the Nintendo Switch as a package deal, which has had a lot of people checking the game out for the first time[...]
Nintendo Brings Kids Toys Back To Burger King With A Sweepstakes
As you can see from the image below, for the first time since 2017 when they did a special run with McDonald's, Nintendo has allowed some of its franchise characters to return to a fast-food kids meal as you're getting six different toys from The Legend Of Zelda, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Super Mario Maker, Animal[...]
Five Missing Titles From The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary
We always love a good speedrun, and there's no better way to say goodbye to 2020 than with one of the hardest, Super Mario 602 For the uninitiated, you might be wondering what the hell Super Mario 602 is This is the nickname given to the speedrun of doing consecutive speedruns of all the Mario[...]
Super Mario and Yoshi Team Up Once Again with First 4 Figures
Super Mario and Yoshi are back again as First 4 Figures reopens pre-orders for their recent statue This statue will be quite limited as they are keeping their original edition sizes, but both Exclusive and Definitive Editions are back up on the table Super Mario and Yoshi are teaming up for another spectacular adventure, this[...]
Viz Media releases December 2020 Titles
Can their blossoming feelings survive each other's constant company? On Sale Date Price USA Age Rating December 8, 2020, $9.99 Teen+ Super Mario Bros Manga Mania Story and Art by Yukio Sawada Join Mario and pals in crazy adventures inspired by the hit video games! In this collection of short stories, Mario and Luigi go on adventures that showcase[...]
First 4 Figures' "Luigi's Mansion 3" Figure Is Appropriately Spooky
The latest find sweeping social media is a doozy from 1996's Super Mario 64 In case you haven't been paying attention to the retro games side of social media this week, a lot of hidden and hacked source code has been released to the public this week involving games from what some would call Nintendo's[...]
X Rocker & Nintendo Reveal A New Line Of Super Mario Gaming Chairs
Nintendo and X Rocker have come together for a new partnership as they have revealed a new line of officially licensed Super Mario gaming chairs Each one has one of a few characters on it, as you can see from the photo, which includes Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Bowser There's the standard rocker "banana" chair,[...]
Hasbro Introduces Super Mario Versions Of Jenga & Monopoly
Hasbro announced today that they will be releasing two new versions of Jenga and Monopoly with a Super Mario theme to them Monopoly – Super Mario Celebration Edition: and Jenga Super Mario will mix up one of Nintendo's well-known franchises with two of their most popular board games As you might suspect by looking at[...]
Super Mario Powers Up with New LEGO Packs Coming in August
LEGO Super Mario is back and this time he is getting a couple of new power ups LEGO has announced that beginning August 1st, Super Mario will be getting 4 new suits that you can play with You will be able to play with the Super Mario that you will want with the choice of[...]
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But everyone can benefit from a good blanket, especially now. Super Mario Bros NES Cartridge Blanket $29.90 Reminding us of a simpler time, this blanket is perfect for the gamer whos spending all-day gaming Or for anyone who just wants a piece of their childhood with them. Maleficent & Diablo Blanket $24.90 Curl up with the mistress of all evil while[...]
Review: S.H. Figuarts & Bandai's Super Mario Figures
Figuarts and Bandai released a set of Super Mario figures from Nintendo The companies have released a few different sets of the toys, and we got what is essentially a starter kit for the entire line in the mail for review. Credit: Gavin Sheehan So to start things off, we have Mario This is a fully poseable[...]
High End Mario and Yoshi Statue Coming in 2020 From First 4 Figures
Yoshi can swallow his enemies whole using his hyper-extended tongue and gain special abilities depending on the ingested opponent, or lay them into eggs which can either serve as projectiles or hatch into power-up items for Mario, depending on the video game title.  Product Features 19 inches (48cm) Made of resin From the Super Mario game series A highly detailed base in which[...]
World of Nintendo Wave 15 Explorer Mario 1
A new wave of World of Nintendo figures will be hitting shelves next month, and the focus for this wave is Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey Those who have played the excellent game will recognize Cappy, Mario's sentient hat that you use in the game to control various enemies and characters It really is[...]
Super Mario Odyssey
Dataminers have gone deep into the code of Super Mario Odyssey and found a series of outfits for the cast that look like the game's Broodal bosses As Siliconera reports, dataminer SciresM took a peek into the game's update files and found some interesting costumes that have yet to be added to Odyssey. Those costumes, just based on their[...]
World of Nintendo Wave 12 Figure 7
I look at the figure and hear the castle music from Super Mario Bros 3 If I had to ding any figure in the wave, it would be the Metal Mario, but that is only because of a lack of interest on my part The figure itself has a nice sculpt, but it is basically[...]
mario build-a-bear
This year, looks like they're going old school — all the way back to the days of classic Super Nintendo. Build-A-Bear is now offering these special Super Mario-themed additions to their already amazing collection of customizable buddies Think of the possibilities! It's-a me, Mario the Build-A-Bear form! My personal go-to guy while playing SNES Super Mario Kart, Yoshi The[...]
super mario odyssey
Every TV franchise and half notable sports star seemed to have their own brand of breakfast goods, but sadly (?), that trend died away. Well, Super Mario is back to try and revive the licenced cereal craze According to Cerealousy, (imagine Bleeding Cool if we just talked about cereal), they caught wind that a Kellogg's Super Mario Odyssey themed cereal[...]