Today Is July 2021 Community Day In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

July 2021's all-day Community Day is now live in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This time around, wizards and witches of the Statute of Secrecy Taskforce will be asked to engage in Wizarding Challenges to collect Fragments and earn Spell Energy and both Wizarding XP and Challenge XP. Don't miss this breakdown of the available features of this monthly event so that you can take advantage of all of the day's perks.

Community Day graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
Community Day graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

Here's everything happening today in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's July 2021 Community Day:

This Community Day, you can look forward to the following:

Guaranteed Ministry Visitor's Entrance from Forest Chamber III, Fountain of Magical Brethren from Forest Chamber V, Thunderbird from Dark Chamber III and Wizard Chess Queen from Dark Chamber V.

This seems like a very low-key Community Day. Personally, I like a mixture of both themed map-spawns of Foundables and Challenges. The truth is, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay weighs heavily on the Brilliant Events. As a narrative game, these events… well, they continue the narrative, so of course, they are the most important. Community Days are a nice feature, but recent examples haven't quite lived up to the equivalent that begs comparison: Niantic's other game, Pokémon GO, which features a similar monthly event under the same name.

Increased Challenge XP, Wizarding XP, and Spell Energy from Wizarding Challenges. A special 1km Portmanteau that rewards the Knight Bus

It is nice, though, to hear the specific callout of Spell Energy. So much Spell Energy is used in completing Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that it is indeed useful when these challenges can give some back.

This event is now live and can be played until 11:59 PM local time tonight.

Now, Niantic has still yet to announce July 2021's Brilliant Events, which are now expected to take place at the end of the month and perhaps even push into August a bit. I personally believe this is to drive up the anticipation of the continuing story, as the last Brilliant Event left off on quite the cliffhanger. Stay tuned for news!

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