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Total War: Pharaoh Explores More About The Hittite Factions

SEGA and Creative Assembly go deeper into the many factions you'll find in Total War: Pharaoh, as the game is now in Early Access.

SEGA and Creative Assembly released a new video and blog this week for Total War: Pharaoh, as they go over the Hittite Factions in more detail. Not everyone was united at the time, as you'll quickly find out as families often plunged themselves into conflict for control, power, wealth, and more over the smallest of reasons sometimes. You'll decide how to go as the winds change often. You can read some minor notes below and check out the video, as the game is currently in Early Access on Steam. You'll be able to get the full version digitally on October 11 and the physical edition on October 23.

Total War: Pharaoh Explores More About The Hittite Factions
Credit: SEGA

Total War: Pharaoh – Hittite Factions

An empire divided. In Anatolia, the once mighty kingdom of Hatti crumbles as civil war, and a great family feud between two rival cousins plunge it into darkness. Here, blood doesn't run thicker than water; will you command their last Great King, or will you rally behind a usurper who believes themselves to be the avatar of a god?

Rebuild Or Tear Down An Emipre 

  • Suppiluliuma, the Defender, was the last Great King of the Hittite Empire. He has but one aim and that is to rebuild and defend Hatti from insurgents both from within and outside of his borders. As such, he is a very defensive character, commanding legions of heavy and medium armored units, including powerful chariots. What his armies lack in agility, they more than makeup for in raw power.
  • Kurunta, the Usurper, wants what his cousin values most – the throne of Hatti. He intends to grow in power, take the Hittite Empire for his own, and inflict misery upon those who would dare stand against him. Unbound by conscience and believing that warfare exists without rules, he seeks to exploit any given opportunity, enacting sabotage and subterfuge to exploit weakness outside of battle. Either join his new kingdom or be sacrificed in his glory.

A Wall of Nigh Impenetrable Power

If the Egyptians were the surgical knife of Bronze Age warfare, then the Hittites are the wall of near-impenetrable iron. As such, they are normally found deploying much heavier units than their Egyptian and Canaanite counterparts, and they specialize in fighting in the heavy rains, thunderstorms, and fogs of Anatolia. Their two primary fighting traits are Mistwalker, which allows units to traverse fog unseen, and Storm Warrior, with which units suffer fewer penalties when fighting in rain or thunderstorms.

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