Toy Soldiers HD Will Release On Nintendo Switch This August

Accelerate Games announced today that they will be releasing Toy Soldiers HD onto the Nintendo Switch this coming August. The team had already released the tower defense FPS action title for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles back in October 2021, and the one console that was glaringly missing from that list was the Switch. Now it looks like they will be correcting that oversight by releasing what will be the most complete version of the game on August 5th, 2022. You can read more about the game below and check out the latest trailer to see how it will play on the Switch down at the bottom.

Toy Soldiers HD Will Release On Nintendo Switch This August
Credit: Accelerate Games

The digital embodiment of childhood imaginary battles with your best friend in your bedroom, Toy Soldiers HD offers single player fun and multiplayer goodness armed with army miniatures, classic sci-fi robots and spaceships, and more toys from our old school toy boxes. Unlike many tower defense games where you build your defenses and watch the action unfold, Toy Soldiers HD gives you the unique ability to instantly pop in and out of the battlefield from both third-person top-down strategic perspective and overhead first-person POV shooter perspective. Watch the battle play out as you build, upgrade, and repair your defenses or jump directly into the action.

Control fearsome armored vehicles and tanks with explosive firepower as you win the war and earn your upgrades for the next thrilling battle on the road to victory! Take to the skies and rain down fire from above, take out enemy bombers or earn your victory in exciting dogfights as you pilot the first airborne war machines. A much-loved classic, overhauled and upgraded for a new generation. Toy Soldiers HD contains the original game, all DLC including some out-of-this-world new enemies to take on and some wacky new experimental levels.


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