Turbulent Opens Montreal Studio Devoted To Star Citizen Development

Turbulent has announced that they will be opening a new Montreal-based studio focused solely on developing worlds for Star Citizen. The company has already worked with the prime developer Cloud Imperium Games in the past and will be working to build a fully-fledged independent studio with its own unique Montréal culture to work on this project. The newly formed team will create content in line with Star Citizen's senior development leadership, while also developing new tools to enhance and expand the existing pipeline of information between the two as they create new locations and features while also building entirely new star systems for the game We have a couple of quotes from the announcement for you below.

If there's something Star Citizen really needs, its worlds to visit. Courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.
If there's something Star Citizen really needs, it's worlds to visit. Courtesy of Cloud Imperium Games.
"I am extremely proud to officially announce the creation of a Star Citizen development team in Montreal at Turbulent. Montreal has an amazing talent pool of developers and a rich video game history, and we couldn't be happier to add the very best local talent to work with the CIG family on the focused goal of building worlds for this unprecedented persistent universe," said Benoit Beausejour, CTO and co-founder of Turbulent
"Over the years, Turbulent has proven themselves to be an extremely reliable and creative partner. We entered into a partnership with Benoit and the team at Turbulent eight years ago, first to help us develop our web presence and then our publishing and platform capabilities. Their hard work and efforts have been integral to our success. It's a natural progression of our close relationship that we have now asked them to build out a dedicated content team from Montreal's finest developers to help us create entire new star systems for the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. I couldn't be happier to welcome Guillaume, Pierre-Luc, and Louis to the CIG and Star Citizen team, said Erin Roberts, Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Cloud Imperium Games.

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